Friday 7 September 2018

TV Shows I'm Excited About Returning

There are a lot of TV shows that I am hooked in, and I miss them now they are off air. However, it's almost Autumn, which means a handful of them are all due to come back! A few have finished forever - bye bye Scandal - and others are still going, but I'm just watching it to see if it gets any better. However, these shows are the ones I've been loving for ages now, so am excited to have them back.

Be warned, some of the below blog post, contains spoilers if you're not up to date.

One Chicago
Fire, PD and Med, are all returning, and on the same night! That's 3 hours of our #OneChicago shows! I'm still getting into Med, even three seasons in, but Fire and PD have me hooked. I'm so sad that Gabby has left Fire, and that Alvin was killed off in PD. Although, I'm hoping the latter was a ruse to save Voight, but we shall see!

Grey's Anatomy
This show has it's ups and downs. Some weeks I love it, and some weeks I just want it to end. However, after they thankfully didn't kill off April or Arizona, I'm happy to be back on the side of loving it. I can't wait to see what happens with Teddy - I mean, is her baby Owen's? What will happen with him and Amelia if it is?

Station 19
A spin off to Grey's. this follows former Dr Ben Warren at his new role at firehouse station 19. The season one finale was super, and left us on some real cliffhangers. I need to know what happens to Jack, and the rest of the team - and if Herrera's dad is alive after Miranda Bailey found him unconscious.

This had a few lows mid-season, but the last few episodes were a blast. The ended has been hinted at for years now, and it means that both brothers have now, eventually, taken on their demon/angel into the vessel. I hope they drag Dean as Micheal out for a lot longer than the Deanmon angle, but we shall see!

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow all were renewed for new seasons. I love all the crossovers that they have with these four shows, and they've even got a Superman featuring in a three episode crossover, later this year. Plus, we even get to see Batwoman - portrayed by Ruby Rose, who should be getting her own series later on. Can't wait for these four shows to come back.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
NINE-NINE! I'm soooooo happy this got picked up by NBC. I binged the entire five seasons in two weeks during the summer, and I'm nearly finished with it a second time. I love the characters, the story lines, and I'm constantly saying 'cool cool cool', 'noice' and 'smort' over and over!

What TV shows are you excited about returning, and which ones are you sad about getting cancelled? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I'm super excited that The Hills is coming back. Not sure how it'll be without Lauren Conrad though, she was my idol!!


    1. That's one show I never tried to watch, but I've always heard how much people enjoyed it when it was on the first time around! xx


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