Wednesday 30 December 2020

Some Of The Best Windows Apps To Download* 

As most people probably know, traditionally Windows does not boast a range of apps that would have rivalled other stores. Nevertheless, with the new Windows versions, there are finally some killer apps to be found. Gone are the days when the Windows Store was paling in comparison to the iTunes App Store!

So, now let’s get to the fun part; what are the top killer apps for Windows? 

5) Quick Note

Putting together shopping lists and taking notes for exams has never been easier! ‘Quick Note’ may not be the most glamorous and exciting app one will come across but it is certainly something which will get a lot of usage out of it. This basic app does exactly what its name indicates, and it will certainly come in useful for anybody. You can use it for a whole host of things, such as tracking your profit and loss from VIP casinos, putting together a cleaning schedule, and much more!

4) Cut the Rope

This app is perfect for any individual who is looking for a game which will provide them with endless hours of addictive fun. So how does ‘Cut the Rope’ actually work? Basically, there is a hungry frog at the bottom of the screen who wants some candy. However, the candy the frog desires is attached to a rope or several ropes. The person playing the game has to cut the ropes in such a manner that the candy lands in the frog’s mouth. Obviously, this becomes a lot harder as the individual progresses to the next level. 

3) Slacker Radio

There are only two words which need to be said in order to win people over with this app: free music! Basically, ‘Slacker Radio’ is an app which boasts a whole host of radio stations which are just waiting to be listened to.

2) YouCam

‘YouCam’ is the ultimate photo and video editing app. In order to utilize this application, a webcam and a microphone are required (these are usually inbuilt in all computers nowadays anyway). With ‘YouCam’ individuals can shoot videos and take pictures and then edit them with a whole host of features, such as; lighting effects and noise reduction. Once the video or image is edited to suit the individual in question it can then be uploaded to a whole host of mediums such as YouTube and Facebook. Who knows, ‘YouCam’ could pave the way for the next YouTube sensation! 

1) Fitball

It may not be as useful as ‘Quick Note’, but quite frankly; who cares? So what exactly is ‘Fitball’? Basically, it is an app which relates to health and fitness (as if the name of it didn’t give that away). What it involves is the person in question hitting balls (not too hard, nobody wants a cracked screen!) that appear on your screen. Why’s this so great? Well, you can see your reflection in the computer screen which will show which parts of your body are getting hotter. Keeping fit has never been such fun! 

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