Wednesday 22 September 2021

5 Ways That Social Media Impacts Our Lifestyles*


According to Smart Insights, ‘more than half the world now uses social media.’ Many of us find it hard to imagine a world without it, a strange idea considering it’s such a new technology. Social media impacts our lifestyles in many different ways, let’s consider this in a little more detail.

1 . A learning tool

Social media sometimes gets a bad rep, but the fact is it can be a fantastic learning tool. If you follow the right online publications and accounts, you can use the online world to learn new things, and broaden your horizons. According to Pew Research, ‘a study of 4,594 Americans revealed that 51% of them visit YouTube with the intention of learning,’ (Markinstyle, 2021).

2. Political messages

Social media is full of political messages, politicians use their accounts to communicate their policies to potential candidates. Brands often share their political stances, and members of the public engage in political debates. In many cases, engaging in political debate can be positive, helping our societies to grow and advance. The issue is, there’s much misinformation shared on social media, ‘fake news’ is well and truly on the rise. Over the last year or so social media sites have launched fact checking tools, to stop the spread of false information.

3. Social commerce 

Social media has changed the way that we shop, many brands offer social commerce options allowing you to buy products without ever leaving that social media page. The process works for the customer because it’s streamlined, and only involves a few clicks. Brands can combine social commerce with user targeting, ensuring that their products are seen by the right people. 

Social media has made it easier for budding entrepreneurs, using the power of social media small brands can reach people all over the world. For small brands with big dreams, the possibilities are infinite. Video content is incredibly popular on social media, including animation content. If your brand is looking to create some killer content, you’ll want to work with a top animation studio.

4. Staying connected 

Social media allows us to stay connected, no matter where we are. In the past, we might have lost touch with old friends, travelling buddies, or even distant family members. Using the online world users can share photographs, exchange messages, video call, whatever they please. Social media gets plenty of criticism, but one thing for sure, it’s certainly changed the way that we connect with one another.

5. Mental health 

According to Forbes, studies have indicated that social media can have a negative effect on our mental health. There are several reasons why this might be the case. It’s been suggested that social media can make you feel inadequate about your appearance or lifestyle. Most of us can relate to the practice of comparing yourself to others online. For teens, cyberbullying is a huge concern, which can have a drastic effect on mental health.

Social media impacts our life in many different ways, there are both positive and negative aspects. Social media can be used to launch your business, or connect with family overseas. However you use it, be sure that you are mindful of the content that you post and consume.

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