Saturday 18 February 2023

Check Off These Tasks Before It's Too Late*

Life moves at a rapid pace, especially as you age. You may look back one day and wonder where the time has gone. With that sentiment in mind, you must tick off some essential items on your life’s to-do list before another moment passes.

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Plan Your Funeral

Planning for the final stages of life can be very difficult, and it should not have to be that way. If you have difficulty addressing the inevitability of it all, try reframing the narrative. Choose to say that you are planning for your final journey, or that you intend to make your passing as easy as possible for those you love. However you approach the conversation, what is important is that you have one.

One of the best ways to tackle the concept of death is to deal with it head-on by investing in prepaid funeral plans. By doing so you decide what you want your final send-off to look like. You can choose whether you wish to be buried or cremated, what type of officiant you want at your service, and the list goes on. 

As you plan your funeral, make a note of your favourite flower, or a specific item of clothing you wish to be buried in, and include special songs that have touched your heart over the years. This is a time to plan your service and make it the way you want. It will help put you at ease when everything is set and help the people who love you once you are gone.

Do What You Have Always Wanted To Do

Go ahead and make other plans - create a bucket list and begin checking items off. Live your life to the fullest and have fun doing it.

Watch this video for insight into why you need a bucket list.

Make A Will

By now, you should know that you need a will. You may have heard of the latest celebrity gossip about that famous singer who left this world with millions not left to anyone. And then the news detailed the infighting and the legal wrangling for all to see.

Do not let that happen to you. Schedule an appointment with a solicitor to create a new will or update an old one. Throughout life, there will be marriages, births, and deaths. Each of these events is a reason for maintaining your will. It will be easier for everyone involved and reduce headaches by having your affairs in order before they need to be.

Create a detailed list of items you wish to bequeath to others. If reasonable, affix a label to the underside or back of the item with the intended recipient’s name. This way, there will not be any confusion or unnecessary running around trying to find the items in question when it is time to pass them on. Taking photos and a video will also be helpful for the executor of your will.

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