If you are a brand that is interested in working with Tania Michele in the form of a collaboration, please read the below! If you are a blogger, interested in Advertising with Tania Michele, click here!

Statistics & Followers - (as of March 1st 2024)

Total Blog  Views - 831,100+
Monthly Blog Views - 4000+
Daily Blog Views - 50+
Twitter - 4000+
Instagram - 1150+
YouTube - 1250+
Pinterest - 340+
Facebook - 300+
TikTok - 250+
Total Social Media Reach: 7350+

Collaboration Posts
Tania Michele offers a collaboration post option for £30. This covers time to write a post up and to take images (if needed) for the post. All prices can be found at the bottom of this page.

I am more than happy to do a collaborative post, so if you have one in mind, please email or DM me! I also occasionally work with brands, which can mean I am sent products to try and review - this does not require a charge unless I see fit. Any sponsored posts will have an asterisk in the title of the post, as a disclaimer.  I have the right to decline any offers that I do not feel are fitting for my blog or may cause offence to my readers. 

All opinions remain honest, regardless of payment or gifting of items. 

Product Reviews & Giveaways
I am always happy to review a product for a brand if I feel it fits with my blog and is something beneficial to my readers. All posts will be written by me and I am happy to include links to the product/company website. I am also happy to host giveaways, as long as the product fits with my blog, and has been previously reviewed by myself, to ensure my readers are getting something nice in return. 

Brands I've Worked With
Below you can find a link to all collaborative posts on Tania Michele, and some of the brands I have worked with:
  • Collab posts
  • Fat Joe
  • Fetch Publicity
  • Beefeater
  • Baker Days
  • Chatty Feet
  • Crown Brush
  • Sabai Soaps
  • ME Fragrance
  • Caketoppers
  • Debenhams
  • Coconut Lane
  • Maple Holistics
  • LimaLima
  • Panasonic
  • Point-S Tyres
  • Faver
  • Warner Bros.
  • & others!

  • A YouTube vlog mention - £10
  • One Instagram post - £8
  • Three tweet shout-outs - £6
  • One mention on my business Instagram story - £4
  • One Facebook post on Tania Michele Page - £3
  • One pin on Pinterest - £2
  • Sponsored Post - £30
  • Company/Brand Logo in the sidebar for 3 months - £20

- OR have the entire above PINK bundle for £28SAVE £5
- OR have the entire above PURPLE bundle for £40SAVE £10
- OR have the entire above PINK + PURPLE bundle for £75SAVE £80

If you are interested in the above and would like to work with 'Tania Michele', then please email me at

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