Wednesday 28 November 2018

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 Predictions!

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Gentleman, start you engines! And may the best woman, win! It's been a few weeks since the cast for All Stars 4 was announced, and after a good gander at the promo images, it's time for my predictions. I am really excited for the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, which starts next month. Season 4 has 10 Queens from previous seasons - as well as Latrice and Manila, who also competed on All Stars 1.

This All Stars 4 cast consists of the wonderful:

  1. Farrah Moan
  2. Gia Gunn
  3. Jasmine Masters
  4. Latrice Royale
  5. Manila Luzon
  6. Monet X Change
  7. Monique Heart
  8. Naomi Smalls
  9. Trinity Taylor
  10. Valentina

So here are my predictions, all based on their current promo pictures and what I can remember of them from their seasons!

My top three have to be Trinity, Monet, and Valentina. Trinity is serving such a look here, I'm actually mesmerized. I wasn't a huge fan of her at the start of her season, but grew to love her as it went on - and her Category Is rap was amazing. I loved Monet on her season, and will never get over that fake death drop during her lip sync against Dusty. Valentina was another great competitor on her season, but after that 'I'd like to keep it on please' fiasco, she left early. Hopefully these three will get to the top this season and one will snatch the crown!
As for the others, I really struggled to think of where to put them, but I finally came to a decision!

I've put Naomi in 4th, Manila in 5th, and Latrice in 6th. I love all of these three, but I feel like Naomi has done pretty well after her RPDR season, and as much as I love Manila and Latrice - plus they were shoved out too early in AS1, I feel they've been on the show enough now.

Monique in 7th was good on her season, but I couldn't get along with some of her looks! Gia in 8th place, was a good fishy queen on her season, and HALLELOO, she is the first openly trans woman to now walk the runway! Gia transitioned a while after her season, so this will be a great moment for RPDR. However, as much as I like Gia, I always struggled with her looks and attitude, so I have hopes she will be better this year.

Farrah in 9th... I loved her, but her last name is so apt. She moans all the time! I couldn't get on with her personality all that much. In 10th I've put Jasmine, which hurts me a little, but I barely remember her from her season, and I can't say I'm loving her look in this promo too much. I remember thinking she was eliminated too early, but honestly cannot remember her at all, except her voice!

Recap on my predictions! Who's going to win in my opinion?
  1. Trinity Taylor
  2. Monet X Change
  3. Valentina
  4. Naomi Smalls
  5. Manila Luzon
  6. Latrice Royale
  7. Monique Heart
  8. Gia Gunn
  9. Farrah Moan
  10. Jasmine Masters
Who do you think will win, and what order will you be placing the queens for All Stars 4? Let me know! All Stars 4 premiers on VH1 on Friday December 14th. Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I'm really excited obviously, but I don't understand why they have an All Stars when we just had one recently... and keep having the same queens from previous All Stars come back. Ugh. But I agree with your placing, although I might put Monet a bit lower. I'm seeing Alyssa Edwards live next week and I'm so excited!

    Rachel ||

    1. Agreed! I was expecting it to be next year at the earliest! I think it's become so mainstream now that Ru want's to churn out as many seasons a possible a year now...
      Enjoy Alyssa's show! xx


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