Monday 24 June 2024

5 Things I Love About Summer

Summer officially rolled around on June 20th, and I'm already feeling the change of seasons with the warmer weather we've been having for the last week or so. This season is sometimes one of my favourites when the sun isn't trying to take me down (otherwise I'm a Spring girl!), so I wanted to share what I love about Summer time.

Family time - I get to spend more time with my family! BBQ's outside are a favourite around this time of year. We have more days out at the end of summertime, so we can avoid the mass groups of families with children on school holidays!

The weather - The weather is so much warmer and it just feels like the air is lighter. I get to wear dresses and shorts a lot more, and go out more without worrying about freezing to death!

People's moods - Everyone just seems happier. Granted, summer seems to get people drinking a lot more so those moods are not for me - I'm not a drinker! - but everyone just seems to be a little nicer to one another.

Lighter days - Longer days make it feel like I can tackle anything. I wake up to daylight and to to bed not long after the last rays of the sun have vanished.

The food - Is it just me or are all snacks and foods nicer this time of year? Fruit is nicer, vegetables seem better, and ICE CREAM IS EVERYWHERE! 

What are your favourite things about summertime? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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