Monday 28 April 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul | Beauty

Hello everyone!

Just another Fragrance Direct blog post again today! I've got an addiction to their website and bargain prices, and when it was payday, I sort of found myself filling up the cart and purchasing all that was within! So here it my bigger-than-usual haul of goodies!

Firstly with the nail polishes. I love doing my nails so I'm always after new polishes! I forgot I'd already bought one yellow when the other went it, but one is shiny and the other is sparkly, so oh well!
L to R: Rimmel Sunshine - £1.55 | Rimmel At Ease - £1.25 | Rimmel Sunny Days - £1.25 | Rimmel Lycra Pro Jungle Princess - £1.25 | Constance Carroll Berry - 50p | Maybelline Fuchsia Fever - £1.75 | Maybelline 830 Silver Speed - £1.75

The yellows are so nice and bright, perfect for summer and the fuchsia is quite matte so I'll definitely use it for nail art, and the silver is so pretty!

Then I picked up these Purex Wipes for 99p which is a bargain! I'm not prone to many blemishes, but just in case, I bought this little Witch Blemish Stick for £2.25. This Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pen is something I saw in Boots the other day, but off of the Fragrance Direct website it was £1.99 instead of £4.99 in shops.

I saw this Royal Large Eye Shadow Brush in some beauty shop down my town, and wasn't sure about it, but the £1.25 price tag on the site persuaded me to it!

Never used a W7 product before, I think they are new, not sure! I've needed a new eyeliner pencil for a while and this gel one is so much easier to apply! W7 Gel Eye Liner Pencil, Blackest Black is 99p on the site.

Ahh Tresemm√©! I love their products and I'm always looking for something that makes my hair less drab and more fab (yes I did just say that) and these were perfect. On the left is the Amplifix Hairspray for £1.99 and on the right is the Sculpting Spray Gel for £1.99 also. I've not used the hairspray yet, but the gel spray gave a little oomph into my hair, so I'm happy with that!

Last in my haul is this Katy Perry Purr Perfume for £9.99. If you know me, I am fiercely loyal to my my Playboy Play It Rock perfume which is my all time fave. But I decided I wanted to try some others out! This was the first on my list, so I found it and bought it! The bottle is so cute and that is what persuaded me to get it, and when I smelled it, I liked it a lot - but it's not my Play It Rock! I've used it a few times when going out and it's been complimented at work, so I do like it! However I must have been brainwashed my Playboy as in my opinion, it is still way better than this one and £5 cheaper off Fragrance Direct!

In total this came to £30.24 without P&P charges. The original total would have been £83.31 but with the amazing prices FD does, I saved £50.07 which is incredible! Have you bought anything off the site recently and what sort of saving did you get? Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)


  1. I love fragrance direct! I mostly buy nail polish and perfume off there. It's amazing how much you can save on there! x

    1. Same :) I'm constantly buying perfumes from there as it's almost £20 cheaper :) xx


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