Wednesday 2 April 2014

My March 2014 | My Life

Hello everyone!

Here is just a little recap of my month :) I've been keeping busy and staying warm in the UK weather! Hope you like this little overview of March.

  • I started off the month with a disciplinary hearing at work about me having 8 days off in the past year. It was all sorted out and already gone down to 7 days!
  • Had a nice catch up with my friend Lauren, who I've not seen for over a month!
  • Had a catch up with my friend Nic one morning at her's and had a good giggle over a Haribo advert!
  • Started the #100HappyDays tag, which I am uploading on my person Facebook page, but you can find all the pictures over on Instagram!
  • My brother and his wife had a little baby boy named Jack on the 14th :) 
  • I hit 100 Bloglovin followers :)
  • My first ever giveaway finished! I had 1000 entries, so very happy with that turn out!
  • Had a little bit of an excessive spending spree with my sister
  • Had my first solo shopping trip
  • I started my second giveaway which I planned to do once I hit 150 followers
  • I spilled hot oil down myself - so clever
  • My nail stripers and nail tape arrived and I've been practicing for a few hours in the past week
  • We got to see the brother and sister in law again on Mother's day and got to see little Jack
  • Sibling and I made Mum and DVD of us both growing up for her Mother's day gift and she loved it
  • Spending ban has officially gone down hill and am now broke until next payday!
  • I've decided to take part in the #BloggersDoItBetterChallenge
Starting the month off with some red nails | Had a catch up with my wonderful friend Nicola | Re-watched this Top Gear special!
St. Patrick's Day nail art | Nailed the Japanese sentence! | It was warm enough to warrant an ice cream!
St. Patrick's Day Nails | It was sunny! | Warm enough for a dress and heels
The delicious dinner my sister cooked me! | Me and the sibling | Baby Jack :)
Payday shopping spree | Meeting little man! | Sending off the giveaway winner's prize!
The new shower curtain! | New nail stripers | Started my second blog giveaway 
My sister at the garden centre | A small shopping haul | The minion earphones I bought a pair of me and the sister
My friend Wingrove drew me his version of 'Wrecking Ball' while at work | Baby Jack! | My new Real Technique brushes!
Well that is it for my month overall! I'm thinking of doing one of these each month as a little round up :) Hope you enjoyed this random post, and keep safe :)


  1. I like this post :) ! How amazing was it to finally have some sun!!!! Baby Jack is so cute! And those stripers look great, where'd you get them? X

  2. It was nice not to wear a jacket out! Jack has been the highlight of this month, he's adorable :)
    The stripers are from amazon -
    Tania xx

    1. It really was :)
      Awh I bet he was! ohh, thanks for the link!! Xx


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