Friday 4 April 2014

Makeup Revolution - New Brand! | Review

Hello everyone!

Today is a post about an amazing new makeup company that has got a number of British bloggers all excited recently! They're so new on the makeup scene that they aren't quite in shops yet, but Superdrug are going to be stocking as of next week (9th April)! Thanks to BritishBeautyBlogger I discovered them in her blog post and had to buy a few products to give them a test run! Go check the company out on their website, where they have almost 300 amazing products for brilliant prices.

I searched the entire site and wanted pretty much everything, but decided on a few basics to get me started and see how much I liked them! I quickly noticed how much it was like the MUA products, but now I've got them and tested them, I can say they are like them yes, but the quality is so SO much better.

Pre warning, this post is incredibly long as I bought a lot of things, so sit back and be prepared for a lot of pictures!

So to start off here is all the products I purchased - 10 things in total. 

This is the first of two pallettes which were £4 each which is amazing! This is Iconic 3, which was sadly cracked when it arrived, but oh well! The colours are matte and shimmery. What I like about this is the natural tones which will be perfect for creating a smoky eye with! 

The second pallette I bought was Iconic 2 which is my fave of the two already due to it being a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette! For £4 this is amazing! I've been after a similar set like the Urban Decay one, and this was in my basket within seconds of seeing it! Already given it a quick tester and the colours are quite pigmented, as with Iconic 3.

Ahh mascara! This is the Amazing Volume Mascara Waterproof, for only £2. It's a basic bristle brush and a nice dark black!

I've never owned a brow kit before, but this caught my attention due to the little tweezers within the kit! The Focus & Fix kit set I picked up was Light-Medium. There is also a mirror in the compact, as well as a little brush to apply to product and the white part of the quad is wax! I've no idea if other kits are like this, but I love it! 

The Matte Foundation I chose was in Cool Ivory. It's hard to tell what shade foundation to get when buying online, so I chose this and as you can see from a swatch two pictures down, it just about matched! This was only £2, which I think is an amazing price for this type of product! The bottle is a squeezey one which will be fine to use, but I do prefer pump bottles.

A concealer for £1.50? Be still my beating heart! This Liquid Concealer in Natural. Again, like the foundation it is a little tricky deciding on what shade to pick. As you can see from the swatch below, when I blended it in, it is a little dark for my skin tone. However, my sister bought one in a light shade as well, so I'll see if that works better for me! Yes, I persuaded my sister to buy things!

The left product is the foundation and the right is the concealer.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for £1.50 is quite a bargain in my opinion! It come in a tiny bottle and the liner brush itself is small and pointed, so hopefully with practice I will be able to use this instead of my go-to eyeliner pens!

Lipsticks! I'm not a huge lip product lover, but these all caught my eye! I picked three from the Limited Edition ranges, just because they were all unique! The only think I'm not too keen on is the smell of them, which I can only describe as playdough-ish? Hopefully with some scented lipglosses over them I won't notice as much! These were all £1 each, so can't complain too much!

Left: Vice from the Scandalous range - Of the three, this is one I'm least likely to wear a lot due to the brightness, but that is the reason I bought it! It is such a rich colour and so smooth that I might wear it more than originally thought!
Middle: 100% Vamp from the Vamp range - I want to buy all of the Vamp collection as they are beautiful. This one is a very dark purple/black colour which is totally different from the pinks and reds I like to use on my lips. I'm going to save this one for a night out with the girls and go all Vampy makeup with it!
Right: Crime from the Scandalous range - This pink is gorgeous! All three of these are rich and creamy, and amazing quality for only £1! This is the sort of colour I usually go for - nice and eye catching!

And that is it! Out of all of these, I am the happiest with the pallettes due to the price and quality of them both. There are handful of other pallettes that they stocked, so I will own them all eventually, it is my mission!

Hope you enjoyed this very long winded post and let me know if you want to try and of these out or if you've already bought them! The link to the website is at the top! Hope you're having a great day and keep safe :)

Edit: After the company saw this review, they offered to replace my cracked Iconic 3! I said it was okay as the product itself was fine, but that is some customer service right there!


  1. I've noticed this brand on facebook yesterday and it really amazed me for the really affordable prices and the seemingly very good quality of their products. I gotta admit I am a bit hesitant about buying products online without seeing them first hand especially considering I have very limited funds to spend on make-up, but it's so tempting!!!

    1. The products are really good quality, the packaging is standard, but the prices are the best part of it. All of this came to £20.50 which for what I picked up is incredible! xx


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