Tuesday 13 May 2014

The Memory Box | Part 3

Hello everyone!

The other day during a mass bedroom clean, I found my old memory box! It used to be all in an old camera box, but I've since bought a nice one from the Range and while sorting through it all, I took pictures of everything. Here's the third and final part of my memory lane trip!

Find Part One >Here< and Part Two >HERE<. Hope you enjoy this as there is a lot of things within! Be prepared for lots of pictures!

Left: My ticket from Wicked last October. It's given me the musical's bug and I need to see more! It was just amazing, and sitting in the third row was just the best.
Right: 2011 Film Museum ticket. This was the first time me and my sister went to London without our Mum or Dad. A little nerve-wreaking, but we done it! We also got lost in the Museum a dozen times as the exit was blocked off due to Danny Dyer being in there making a movie!

Left: I used to take Government and Politics at school and we went to the Houses of Parliament for a trip one day. These are the badges and pencils I picked up that were free (yeah!!) and my visitor ID badge!
Right: Maps from the 'Great London Museum Day' I done with Dad and sibling! Note to self, two huge ass museums in one day, when it is VERY BUSY, wasn't a good idea. But we did have fun and I couldn't walk the next day.

Left: I used to volunteer at a local Playscheme from the ages of 12-17. I'd attended as one of the kids since I was 5, so I was quite used to the place (plus Mum worked there.) I was 13, and little Hollie was 6 when she first arrived, and she took a shine to me! She was so damn adorable! She made me this when she was 8 years old, and I was almost 16, on the last day of volunteering. It made me cry!
Right: 'Dear Tania. I really like you and don't want to leave you. I want you be your sister. (then a little drawing of us both) Love Hollie'

Left: Parkdean Holiday Park ticket in Sandford, Dorset | A business card of mine!
Centre: The Harrods guide from when I went in 2012. Expensive place...
Right: My year's pass to Leeds Castle! | Landguard Holiday Park ticket in Isle of Wight.

Left: The Ripley's Believe it or Not museum in London, the tickets and the Mirror Maze tickets! It was a pretty interesting museum!
Right: Buckingham Palace summer opening! Went with Mum and Ash for the day (and other things too) and it was so weird being inside the Palace. Really beautiful. 

Above: Chessington on the left and Alton Towers on the right, plus a Thorpe Park ticket. I went to Alton Towers with my friend Nicola and her husband, and out friends Julie and Lisa one weekend! It was amazing! Also went to Chessington with them :) Some of the Chessington tickets and the solo Thorpe Park ticket is from a school trip!

Left: Photobooth strip with little Andi, Madame Tussauds ticket, my Sellindge Steam Rally ticket, and at the top is my Micheal McIntyre at the 02 from 2012 ticket!
Right: Four pictures of Shannon as a baby with my family. My original Morrisons employee badge... which they've changed to a new one. The green thing in the middle is a charm with my name on it! Below that is a picture of me and Jodie back in the short hair phase from 2008! And the drawing on the right is courtesy of my friend Wingrove up at work. This is his interpretation of a joke of ours, but basically this is him on a bucket recreating 'Wrecking Ball'.

Above: All of this is from 2009 in Great Yarmouth! I went on holiday there with my friend Jodie, her mum and her mum's partner for a week. I had so much fun! 
Left: The Yarmouth Stadium Dog racing program! I won nothing! | My 'teen' membership pass for the holiday park
Middle: Some fake diamonds I won in the arcade | The restaurant where we ate, and it was delicious | A variety of arcade tokens and coins for future use! 
Right: A photobooth strip we took on the pier one day after a lot of sleep. We've both changed soooo much!

Hope you liked this final part of my memory box! Do you have a memory box at all? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I love Ripleys Believe It Or Not but the mirror maze proper messed with my head! Took me ages to find my way out and I was smacking into things right, left and centre! I've been loving these posts - you've done so much cool stuff!

    Jaq @ www.lazydaysbeauty.com


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