Monday 28 July 2014

AliExpress Haul #1

Hello everyone!

Today is a little stationary haul of some goodies I bought from AliExpress! I am obsessed with this site and have found some really cute stationary bits and bobs since I began searching the site. I am blaming RaspberryKiss for this as I saw a couple of her blog posts about the site and this is the second batch of goodies I've got. The first one wasn't that interesting, but this one is a variety of a dozen things.

 The site is all in USD and once that was converted into GBP, this whole haul came to less that £8. I bought one of everything that I liked, and will then buy more if I like them (which I totes do!) As these are shipped by China Mail, it takes about 12 days to reach me, which I don't mind waiting!

I bought all of this from the same seller and you have to have a minimum spend of $10. Also, you don't get to chose the designs that you get. Each item comes in a variety, and not always quite like in the images, so double check the product descriptions before buying. Have you bought anything off AliExpress and did you like the service? It's a bit like Ebay! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. ahhh! definitely gonna have to get some stationary from aliexpress now x

    1. There are so many pretty pieces on there right now, so snap them up! xx


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