Friday 18 July 2014

Hastings With Jodie | Life

Hello everyone!

Today is a little blog on my mini day out with my bestie Jodie! If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen some of what I got up to already! It was unbelievably hot, and a little crowded - even for a Wednesday at 11am. So here are some pictures of what we got up to!

A little OOTD to start off with! Top is from Primark at £4, Shorts are £16 from Peacocks and the shoes were £6 from Matalan. My sunglasses were a freebie with Cosmo last month! To top it all off, I wore a lot of suncream!

My lunch!
Jodie's lunch
A nice refreshing drink! Banana milkshake for Jodie and a water for me

We started off with a little walk from the car park and past the mini gold and sea life center until we reach a fish and chip shop for lunch. The place was called 'Old Town Fish Bar' and it was delicious! All together our lunch was less than £12, which is pretty decent for how much food we were both given.

Then we spent some time and a bit of money in the Old Town Arcade next to the fish and chip shop. Had a go at getting a Minion keyring, but that availed to nothing! We did however, both get a 'Me to You' bear and a friendship key ring out of another machine! Was totally worth the £'s we put in! 

Had some delicious doughnuts | Walked under this little bridge with the Hastings Old Town picture painted on it | Walked past the mini golf which was quite busy! | Just a casual windy beach selfie!

Finally we walked along the pebbled beach to go back to the car. My shoes were not a good choice here, as I picked up half the beach in my pumps! The top right picture is of the cliff cable car, which wasn't running... as far as I know it's been out of service for some time! 

After getting back in the car we had an hour's drive home after getting stuck behind numerous lorries and tractors. We (well Jodie) then had a little siesta nap before we had dinner at her place and then I went home! I had such a nice day and was nice to be with my friend all day. I can now report that I have slight sunburn on my back and a little on my head, but nothing to severe! 

Hope you liked this little post, and let me know if you've been anywhere nice in this weather recently. Hope you are having a great day and keep safe :)


  1. Looks like you had such a good day! I've tagged you in the British Tag (you can see my post here: )

    Hope you're having a nice day! xx

  2. I love walking on the beach. I also want that tank top #socute


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