Thursday 10 July 2014

Ebay Buys #2

Hello everyone!

Another purchase from the land of bargains! This time I found four little bag/purses for 99p each! These were from Hong Kong, so I've waited for about 3 weeks to get these. All four together came to £3.98 and that was with free postage and packaging! I love getting little things from Hong Kong as their delivery services are amazing. These are fake leather and are the perfect Evening Bag if you don't have a lot of things to take out with you!

I had to get these four from their range. Each one will fit a phone (preferably an iPhone) into the largest zipped pocket, and the smaller one at the front just fits my ID and debit card into, along with loose change! I bought them for just taking along to the shop instead of a huge handbag, when this fits my essentials in, so all I need to do is carry my keys separately.

I fell straight for the teal and purple ones as they are my favourite colours, but I had to get the black one as that will go with anything, and the red is for when I am dressed in one colour, so this will pop! Do you like buying items from other countries, or do you prefer items within? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. What a bargain I love the purple and teal ones! Xx

  2. The teal is definitely my favourite one!

    I've nominated you for the sunshine award! Click here to find out what it's all about:

    Beverley xx


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