Tuesday 26 August 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Day Four

Hello everyone!

Day Four: Today we headed off to Hidden Valley Discovery park, about an hour away from our campsite. Here there is a 'Forbidden Mansion' to explore and find clues, a train ride, a Hobbit House, plus two adventure trails where you walk around the entire site, finding things! There is also a small building called the Vault, which I can only describe as a set of tasks from Crystal Maze!

You can watch the vlog for this day HERE.

My OOTD and rocking my Capt tee | The new entrance of Hidden Valley!
The newest attraction at Hidden Valley - the Forbidden Mansion! Oh the little passageways we sent my 82 year old Granddad down!!
One of the rooms in the Forbidden Mansion! Had a good giggle in here!
The sign for the Vault | A large cherry bakewell I had for a snack!
Me and the sister on the mini train | Off to see Frodo!!

The two adventure trails at the site. Indiana is easiest and Sherlock is hardest! Can't share much more in case the clues haven't changed yet!
A pre-dinner game of badminton with dad | Steak dinner at the Jolly Roger!
 We all think today was our best day of the holiday as Hidden Valley kept us busy up until 2:30pm (we'd got there at 10am) and had been walking around doing everything non-stop for the majority of the day out! Hope you enjoyed this and keep safe :)

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