Friday 26 June 2015

Good To Go Anywhere Trio | Review

Hello everyone!

In my You Beauty Discovery box this month, I received this free sample of a relatively new product called 'Good To Go Anywhere' which is a trio set of handy wet wipes and a tissue. I thought the concept was pretty good, so I checked out their website and had a look about and to read more about them. You can buy these from their website for £2.49 for one trio, or £7.25 for nine trios.

There is a cleansing wipe, a sanitising wipe and a tissue. All are hypoallergenic, flushable and dermatologically tested. The sachets are each quite small so they will fit in pockets and any handbags, so they are easy to transport.

The sanitising wipe is in the blue sachet and can be used to clean off dirty or sticky hands, any dirty surfaces and for anything that needs a wipe before using. As they are flushable, they'd be perfect to use in toilets when on the go! The wipe is quite soft and had no scent to it, so won't leave you feeling dirty!

There is also tissue in the trio in the green sachet, which can be used for spillages, toilet usage or anything else you'd use tissues for. The tissue is really thick and strong, quite like a kitchen paper towel, and is about three times the size of the sachet - perfect for smaller situations. Again this is flushable, so if caught short, you can use this!

Finally the yellow sachet has the cleansing wipe, which is pretty much the same as the sanitising wipe, but more for cleaning up any messes or just giving the hands a quick wipe when needed. Me and my sister expected this to be lemon scented, but again it is just super soft and has no real scent to it.

I think these would be really handy for parents, or for festivals and picnics - just in time for the summer season! The fact you could use these in public toilets or just on the go in general, are perfect. It's also a lot lighter than carrying around a dozen packs of wipes, tissues and Purell.

The prices aren't too bad either, the three box deal seems to be pretty good as you're getting nine trios in total! I'll definitely be taking these on my Cornwall holiday as I always find I need one of these now and again!

Have you heard of these before, and will you buy them? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. i've never even heard of these before let alone see them - what a brilliant idea! perfect for your handbag x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    1. They're small enough not to take up any room, and they are just so handy! xx


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