Monday 29 June 2015

Monthly Favourites #3 - June

Hello everyone!

It's time for another monthly faves! I'm still going with my method of keeping away from beauty things and do the little categories I've chosen below!!

I found my Avril Lavigne albums at the start of the month and I've been obsessed. Hello Kitty has been on repeat for a majority of the month, so much so that I've even learned the lyrics to it at long last. The video was classed as 'racist' when it was released last year and I still can't find anything wrong with it... Anyway, listen to it if you haven't already!!

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one of my and my sister Ash from the other week! These are toothpaste rollers from China, and we just decided this would be funny to do!

TV Show
Community finished their sixth season this month and I have to say it wasn't the best one and I didn't really get into it - but it was still good to watch. There were some funny episodes and of course there was a paintball one! Not sure if there will be a season seven, but I know I'll still watch it!

Jurassic World. OMG LOVED IT. Went to see this three days after it was released, and it was awesome. I'm now madly in love with the idea of the Raptor Squad - search this on tumblr if you don't know what this is - you're missing out! I loved Claire in her heels, Owen being a badass, and it was just amazing to see a film from the franchise I loved so much as a kid.

Hope you enjoyed these faves for June! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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