Monday 28 December 2015

Fave Films 2015

I love movies, and I've seen so many this year! I beat my anxiety and went to the cinema so many times - meaning I got to see a load of new releases when they came out, instead of having to wait for the DVD! It's been hard to narrow it down to just 5 films, but these are the top of my list from the epic films that have been released this year!

Alphabetical order!

It's a Marvel based film, so of course I was going to like it. I knew nothing of the Hero or his story, so this was all unknown to me when I went to see it! I loved it and can't wait to see what else he does in Civil War!

Part two of the Superherofest! There were funny parts, serious parts, and loved the new additions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. I also loved that Hawkeye had a bigger role in this.

DINOSAURS. Need I say more??
Okay, it was amazing, Chris Pratt owned this film and there better be sequels with him so he can ride that bike again and have another Raptor Squad.

I laughed the whole way through this. I didn't think I'd like it too much, but we were crying with laughter only a few minutes in! I NEED THERE TO BE ANOTHER ONE!

It's Star Wars. I need no explanation for this. 

What have been your fave films for the year 2015? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Those were all my favs too! OMG how amazing was Star Wars though?
    Civil War should be amazing next year!
    Steph x.

    1. Star Wars was just as good as I hope, and then some! Civil War is going to the best one next year I think :) xx

  2. I loved Jurassic World! Legend was probably one of my faves this year. xx


  3. Star Wars and Jurassic World - yes! I need to get Jurassic World on DVD! I want to watch it again and again. Same goes for Star Wars, when the film is released on DVD too! x x

    1. Jurassic World is just epic! I'll have to get S/W on DVD too! xx

  4. I've STILL not seen Jurassic World, you've just reminded me to watch it later!
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. YES, go watch it as soon as you can! It's on par with the 90's original! xx


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