Thursday 3 December 2015

Zoella Fresh Fizz Bath Fizzer | Review

You may have seen that Zoella has released a new set of products for her beauty product range, adding to the previous products from last Autumn. You can see all the available products at Superdrug

I've got a few items from the Tutti Fruity range already, but this is one that I was gifted for my birthday. This retails at £5 in Superdrug, and I undecided on that price tag as there are only 4 'chunks' to it, unlike the 8 from the classic collection. 

The packaging is like the rest of the tutti fruity range, with all the pastel colours and the lace patterns that cover all the items. As it's part of the 'tutti fruity' range, I knew what the scent would be due to owning two of the other products, so I knew I would like it before I'd even opened it! 

I ran a bath and broke off one of the chunks before crumbling it into the water, and left it for a few seconds to see what it done.

Not impressed.

Like the other fizz bar, there was a fizzing motion for about 40 seconds, the water turned a bit white around it a few bubbles popped. Then nothing happened for over 5 minutes. About 60% of it just sat at the bottom the bath looking like I'd hacked at it with a knife.

I left it for 15 minutes and the block hadn't got much smaller. I'm not a fan of this at all and won't buy it for myself! I've yet to find something to rival the Lush products as this is not one of them!

Have you tried any of the Zoella range, past or current? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)
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  1. I've only recently subscribed to Zoella, and was really intrigued when I saw her video talking about these, it's a shame if it's not really doing anything for you :/ I'm tempted to try some of her stuff because I've seen nothing but good things. Is there any product I should definitely try?

    1. She's pretty awesome, and her products are quite good too :) they're mainly down to personal taste, which is why I may not have liked this as much as some other people who reviewed it! You should definitely try the Body Spritz as I love that and I use it everyday :) xx

  2. I wasn't blown away by this either! Like you say, I think Lush win hands down when it comes to bath bombs! It smelt nice but only inside it's packaging x

    Christina Marie -

    1. I think some of her products are pretty good, but then I always struggle with liking bath bombs etc, that aren't from Lush!! Smelled nice, but wish it was better :) xx


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