Wednesday, 2 March 2016

50 Things I've Learnt About Blogging

I've seen a lot of people doing posts like this over the past few months and I found them pretty interesting to read, so I thought I would share what I've picked up in almost 3 years!

I started my blog (officially) on October 3rd 2013, but I've had my blog since early 2010 when I used to use it for fun and an occasional rant/life post. Back then I had no idea what the blogging world was and no-one read it other than my sister.

Come 2013, I just randomly posted about some beauty things I liked recently as I wanted to share them so my friends at school could see it. It got 73 views in two days and I was baffled. After some digging around on twitter, I discovered the blogosphere and I ended up becoming and 'Beauty and Life' blogger! I've picked up a lot over almost 3 years of continuous posts, and here they are!

  1. Be honest - don't say you love a product just to win brownie points with a brand. You can tell 90% of the time in the way it's wrote if someone hates the product as opposed to when they love something!
  2. Post titles are important - if it's not snappy or relevant, people lose interest
  3. Stick to a blog schedule and post regularly. I find without one, people won't come back!
  4. Schedule blog posts - just set a time and date for it to go live, press publish and you can go to bed knowing you've not got to be up early in the morning in a frenzied panic because the post is late going up!
  5. Twitter isn't just for following celebrities. Utilize this wonderful platform!
  6. Instagram is perfect for sharing images of your life and getting better with photography
  7. Scheduling tweets is a great way to make sure you have your content going out regularly over the day. I use Buffer and I get at least 60% of my blog traffic from that alone
  8. Twitter chats are a great way to find new bloggers and get your blog out there
  9. Don't expect blog fame and fortune after a few blog posts. It can take months, if not YEARS of hard work to get your blog associated with brands
  10. Networking - reply back to blog comments you receive and make sure you're commenting too! Don't just do post after post and not interact with people
  11. Stats aren't the most important thing in the world - but it's fine to check them as often as you want and feel proud when you hit milestones!
  12. There is bitchiness in the blog world. You're going to come across people who think the world revolves around them, and think your little blog isn't worth anything. And honestly, a bunch of females trying to make it in the blogging world is never going to be smooth sailing, who are we kidding?!?!
  13. You will make so many blog friends! I've made some close bonds with people mainly over the past year or so due to using twitter a lot more, and there are some true DIAMONDS out there. I've got friends all over the world now thanks to my little slice on the internet
  14. Don't get involved with social media drama ~ unless you are a target and feel the need to defend yourself! Remember you can always block/delete/report people online, so make it your safe place!
  15. Picture editing will help you so much
  16. You don't need a £1000 camera to get good images, you can use a smart phone and get the same results
  17. You don't have to say yes to every PR email you get. If it doesn't fit your blog you can decline or just delete the email -  or if it sounds way to good to be true, it usually is
  18. You can say yes to any paid posts you want to do, but keep true to your blog
  19. Don't copy other people's posts - This may be an obvious one for some people, but you would not believe how many times I've seen a post of mine or a friends be copied on another person's blog, including the pictures. 
  20. But it's totally fine to take inspiration from blog posts. Like with this post, I've seen this idea around for ages and I'm doing my own version. Just make sure you don't copy anyone!!
  21. Ask for help if you're stuck. In my early days, I had no idea how to use HTML, make a blog header, how to layout my blog or how to run a giveaway. All of these were answered by the lovely Stacey (her blog) who took a good few months telling me how to do things and giving me tips and tricks to help me along my way. I'll forever be grateful to her! 
  22. Pintrest, Tumblr and Facebook are the hardest platforms to get traffic from
  23. Take pictures in bulk. 
  24. Because winter lighting is soul destroying when you can't get a good flat lay picture
  25. Change the layout, look and colours of your blog as many times as you want. I must be on blog look twelve by now - HOWEVER, do try and find a look and layout you really like and stick to it after a few new looks. Branding is important!
  26. The amount of followers you have doesn't correlate a number of readers. I can assure you that my 1800+ twitter followers do not all read about my new Mac Lipstick
  27. You'll feel guilty if you miss a blog post
  28. Don't break the bank trying to blog. You don't need to buy new things to review. Tell us about something you love that you've used for a while!
  29. If you're like me, you'll find those 'follow for follow' people are annoying! 
  30. If you get unfollowed for not following back, don't get discouraged. It happens! 
  31. Just because something is free, doesn't mean you should say yes. Remember #17!! 
  32. Try not to brand-bash. I know some companies might piss you off all the time, but try not to slander them too much...
  33. Personal posts seem to generate the most interaction
  34. Negative comments are not the end of the world
  35. I find that asking a question at the end of a post leads to some interaction!
  36. When bloggers mention your blog on theirs or on twitter, it's the best feeling!
  37. Anything can be a blog post - dinner with your best friend, a shopping trip, Comic Con. a new hairstyle you've tried...
  38. Always try and use your own pictures. I had no idea about copyright laws back when I started out. The image at the top of this post is from which is a free pic hosting site so you don't need to credit them - and then I've edited it with a title. There are free pic sites, but don't use Google!!! 
  39. Not everyone will like you
  40. If you want to take a week off, do it! 
  41. Keep a list of blog post ideas - this has saved me in a hurry so many times
  42. Don't feel like you need to comment on everyone's posts
  43. When doing a giveaway, Rafflecopter is a really good tool to use
  44. Link products when you're reviewing them! 
  45. Do a variety of post lengths
  46. Asian wedding dress sites will offer you $10-$30 to do a post for them or put a button in your sidebar. Some are genuine, other are not! I was lucky enough to have a genuine one contact me... However, most are shit and not worth effort to do it!
  47. There are loads of websites that can help with HTML and other queries you might have!
  48. You will shocked as to how many people love Disney!
  49. Live tweeting events/along with TV shows is a great way to make new friends and maybe gain some followers from time to time
  50. Blogging is supposed to be fun! As long as you keep doing you and blogging about what makes you happy, you'll never find it a chore!

I originally planned on about 20 things, but that seems to have gone out the window! I didn't think there was so much in my head, but there we go - 50 things! Hope you liked this little post and have you had the same experiences? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


Jemima said...

I love this! I think it's really important that blogging remains fun, otherwise it loses its point!

Jemima x

Tania Michele said...

Thank you!! If it's not fun, I couldn't do it or keep it going as often as I've been doing! xx

Aisha said...

I love this post! I'm totally agree with you all the 50 things.. when I was reading I was: yeaah, oh yes, me too, I love this, I hate f4f too. Haha I love it !!! :)

Tania Michele said...

So glad you liked it!! I always delete the f4f messages as they clog up the page!! xx

Hannah said...

This is such a great post Tania, a lot of these points are so relatable to me! I've recently started taking part in Twitter chats and they're so much fun :) xo

Tania Michele said...

Thanks Hannah! I love twitter chats so much - they're also super helpful when looking for new blogs :) xx

Anonymous said...

Fab post flower! I keep meaning to try buffer. I found to enjoy it and not worry if things come up, we have had illnesses or something every week since before Xmas and been panicking about getting a post up, but just do when you can. Love the tips

Stacey xxx

aimee cottle said...

I can definitely relate to this. Especially the bitchiness point - a few times now I've popped on to Twitter, seen a load of shit going down and just gone "Nope" and logged off. Haha. I don't usually get involved unless it's directed at me! I didn't know about not using Google for images though?! You've got me worried now. I've used a handful of images from Google image search before now :/ x x

Emma said...

I love this post - fascinating read. I haven't heard of picjumbo before, going to go check it out! :) xx

Tania Michele said...

Thank you Stacey! Buffer is super helpful and the staff are lovely and happy to help with questions :) I always say the real world should come first! :) xx

Tania Michele said...

I'm the same! If I see it, I just try and watch from afar or leave the website!! You can still use them, but very very rarely - if not, go back and change the images :) I use them for wishlists and holiday destinations which I've never had a problem with so far :) xx

Tania Michele said...

It doesn't have a massive load of images, but enough to satisfy my pretty header needs!! xx

Unknown said...

I love this post! Thank you Tania, as a fairly new blogger this is great advice. I love learning & taking tips specially from bloggers I love & admire, there is still much to learn but I will with time. And now I know if I got any questions who to come to. I hope you are having a fantastic day!

With Love, from Texas -Celeste Xxx

Tania Michele said...

Glad you liked it and that's so kind of you to say! You'll pick it all up in no time :) Ask anything you want, I'm happy to help! Have a lovely day too hun :) xx

Lona-Jasmiin said...

While I agree with most of your points, I'd like to disagree with "pinterest is hard to get traffic from". I guess it just depends on how you use it. :) The key is to pin relevant images to your niche, not post your own photos only.

Tania Michele said...

I use it for every post and have done over the past 18 months and have maybe got 200 clicks off it lol xx

Anonymous said...

I love these posts! So insightful. Found myself nodding along with all of your points haha. xx

Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

Tania Michele said...

Glad you liked it hun! I tried to make it as relatable as I could! xx

Unknown said...

These are all so true! Great tips :) xx

Unknown said...

I've been trying ever since to schedule and list my post but never been able to do so! I don't know how I can make myself disciplined on that manner��
Thank girl, love this post! Please write a post on that html sites you mentioned. I kinda in need of some html knowledge.

much love... GreenStory

Tania Michele said...

Glad you enjoyed! xx

Tania Michele said...

It takes some time and patience to do it, but it helps me a great deal when I'm in a rush!! Glad you liked it and I'll be doing some more helpful hints and tips posts soon, and a HTML one is on the horizon! xx

Lauren Victoria said...

Great points! I agree with basically every thing you had said. I find scheduling is so important and of course the blogging community isn't going to be all rainbows and sunshine, no community ever is 100% supportive! It's just life xx

Lauren |

Tania Michele said...

Glad you agreed with it all :) Scheduling has saved me so much over the past year and it's kept me sane!! It's never going to 100% happy is it, but that's how the world works! xx

heathers world said...

Great post, completely agree with every point you made. Scheduling tweets has been a lifesaver for me as I can't always be active when most people are. :)x

Tania Michele said...

It's the thing that has saved me on my busy work days and when I can't be about! xx

Unknown said...

I love this post. It's taken me a while to get used to some of these things but the main point is I'm still having fun doing my blog. :)
Sharon from

Tania Michele said...

As long as you're having fun, you can't go wrong! :) xx

Sophiekateblogs said...

Really enjoyed reading this! I am still new to blogging and still learning so it's great to read tips like this 😊 Thank you!

Sophie Kate

Tania Michele said...

Glad you liked it lovely! Hopefully these will be helpful in some way for you :) xx

Jodetopia said...

Ooo I loved this post! I chuckled when I read about the asian wedding dress sites! I've had one scam and one genuine!

Jodie @ Jodetopia x

Tania Michele said...

Glad you liked it hun!! I find that it's very 50-50 with those sites and companies and you have to be so careful!! xx

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