Friday 22 July 2016

Emma's Hen Party - Day Two

So in this post, I explained what the Hen Party was all about, and how well day one went. Now we're onto day two! Here we go...

After our 1am bedtime after all the games we played. I had such a hard time sleeping. I have insomnia anyway and being in a new bed always gives me issues! I finally fell asleep at 5:45-ish and woke back up about 7:30am... Not a great amount of sleep, but I had to do.

I quickly got up to shower and then joined the rest of the girls a bit late for breakfast as I ended up sat in my bedroom on twitter for a bit longer than I should have!! After breakfast, we just hung out in our rooms for a little while anyone who needed showers could do so - and then we all had to get into 'clothes we could move in'. All we had known at the time was that it was a dance class and then Alice S informed us it would be a Bollywood class! I was a little excited but also super nervous.

We all got changed and then walked down the seafront to the Brighton Hotel to take the class. The teacher was super lovely (sadly I don't know her name!) and she never made us do anything solo - which was my main worry. It was a total group dance and was so much fun. She made us all feel at ease. We managed the whole routine in just over an hour and we asked her to film it, which you can see in the vlog at the end of this post!

After the class, we returned for a quick lunch at the house. It was a large salad and nibbly bits - my fave!! It was then a quick change and then into our teams for a treasure hunt around Brighton. Courtesy of Black Cat Treasure Hunts, you simply followed the direction and answered the questions for points. The team with the most points at the end would win.

We started outside the Hilton Hotel on the sea front, and then went from there in our teams. It took us about 2 hours as we set a time limit, but you could take a bit longer and maybe try 3, which would have been better. Along with the 20 odd questions, there were bonus ones, such as: get 20+ people to do a Mexican Wave, take a video of your group in the sea, etc. A lot of the questions required you to take pictures to prove points, and some of the pictures and videos we took were hilarious!

My team with Kelly, Alice O and Fiona, sadly came last, but we had so much fun - and it's a really great way to see parts of Brighton that you may not see usually. We got lost a dozen times, but Google Maps aided us!

Once back home, Alice S and Fiona whipped up a large pasta dinner for us while we all got into dancing/clubbing outfits for later. We all had dinner and then took a lot of pictures of us all in the living area before we had a pretty awesome Wine Tasting evening in the kitchen from a company that specializes in wines. The man (Flemick??) who gave the class was really good and funny - and even joined in the semi-drunk Brexit debate that suddenly happened sometime around the third wine! I was on my medication so couldn't drink, but they all sounded interesting and was amusing to see everyone reactions to the tastes.

By Zoe
By Alice S

After the wine tasting, everyone except myself, Vix, Lisa and Kerry went out clubbing. By the time they all left, it was 10:30pm and I was exhausted after no sleep and the busy day we'd had. I took the time to pinch a quick shower and then we all had some chocolate and went to bed! I vaguely remember hearing Alice O and Kelly coming back into our room at about 2am, but I slept all the way through to 9am the next morning - ready for day three!

And that's it again for another day of the Hen Party!! Just one more to go! And here is the vlog from the whole weekend, including the Bollywood dancing, if you want to have a giggle at it!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into what we got up to in day two, and watch out for day three soon! And thank you to everyone who's watched the vlog so far! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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