Friday 29 July 2016

Monthly Favourites #16 - July

It's that time of the month where I look back and share some of my fave things with you! Ranging from songs, TV and movies, to my new Bullet Journal section! 

I've been on full time hours at work for the last few months, and I kept hearing a song over the PA system, and eventually heard enough of the lyrics to Google what it was! Turned out to be this awesome summery tune from Alexandra Stan from about 4 years ago! I love the song and it's just so catchy and upbeat for summer time.

My favourite picture from this month has to be this one from the Hen Party at the start of the month! It was a lovely weekend and I met some new people, as well as having a chance to get to know all of Cameron's family a lot better! This was taken on Zoe's phone, so credit to her for the pic! This was taken on the Saturday night before clubbing (or in my case, shower time)!

TV Show
I have been watching the Flash since May, and I finished the first season pretty quickly! I'm about halfway through the second season right now and it is getting SOOO good!! The characters are amazing, I love Cisco so much - he's my fave on the show other than Barry - and it's just amazing. I can praise this all day long!! I love that there are crossover episodes with Arrow now and again, as I love that show too.

Having watched the original Ghostbusters a lot as a kid (thank you Daniel!), I was excited to see a reboot with a female cast was being made. I don't remember a lot of the original series, so this was all fresh to me! All I remembered was the car and Slimer!
For some reason, critiques hate this film and even though the public seem to like it, I can't see it getting a sequel. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to see four strong, non-sexualised, female characters totally kicking ass. I loved all the cast and the story line was really good. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is an amazing comedic actor and needs to do more like this! And in addition, can we all just praise Leslie Jones for her acting skills - and send her some love on twitter as she's had a lot of racial hate recently since the movie came out....

Bullet Journal
So for my new, 'Bullet Journal Fave Page' section, I've selected this one of my July Tracker. I use this to track a variety of things - such as water intake, if I've spent nothing all day, and if I'm going to bed at a decent time. I've blurred the top section out as it's got some personal ones on there too, but I'm loving how full up it's been looking this month!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for July! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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  1. Great picture from the hen party, it looks like a lot of fun! :) x x

    1. it was so much fun! Had a blast with the girls! xx

  2. I admire people who do actual bullet journals. I know it's just something I wouldn't keep up with!

    Corinne x

    1. I love doing the journal each day as it's relaxing! :) xx


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