Friday 18 November 2016

MCM Comic Con London 2016 Haul

As I mentioned at the end of my Comic Con post last week, I promised a haul of all the goodies I had picked up over the weekend fun fest!

I spent way too much, and likely do not need 80% of what I purchased - but I wanted everything. I'm a geek in a massive convention of geek shops and I had money saved up and ready to spend! I sadly can't link these and where they were bought from, as I don't know what the stands were for most of these!

And sadly as I had so much and big-ish items, I forgoed my pretty white background in favour of a black bedsheet, so these are in no way 'fancy' pictures, but I scarified Instagram worthy images for the blog post!

Hope you enjoy!

You may have noticed I have a bit of a Harley Quinn obsession and a thing for Junior Mints...

So that's the end of the massive haul! I'm so excited to wear the Harley dress, shoes and bag out for a dinner with Nic sometime, or even out with Cam one night! I love everything I picked up - and the video of this haul will be up on my YouTube channel on Sunday! :And now here it is!:

Which bits do you like from the above, and if you went to mcmLDN16, what did you get? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Awesome haul! I think my favorite would have to be that Harley Quinn bag. But, also those shoes <3

    1. Thank you! :) The bag and shoes are so nice, and I've used the bag so many times already! xx


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