Wednesday 23 November 2016

Is Trump Still The President?

Last year I done a blog post to myself as an 18 year old, but today, I want to do one to myself for a year's time! So here is a letter to myself to read and check in on, in November 2017!


I'm writing some of this post, a few days after Trump was elected as the 45th President of the USA. So how's that going? Is he still President? Has he been impeached? Has he completely fucked up America? I hope, if anything, he's no where near as bad as we all think he's going to be, and that he doesn't do 99% of the things he 'promised' to do in his campaign. Yes, I know I'm British, but America is a leading country of this planet, and one of our best allies. So if he fucks it up... Yeah. Fingers crossed he's not done anything stupid or Earth destroying so far! I know you're hoping that deep, deep down, he's going to be good and decent...

On about America, how was your Florida holiday? You'd have been planning it for nearly 4 years by the time you went in September for your 25th Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time, bought a lot of goodies and took thousands of pictures and videos for special memories. I also hope you got a decent tan and didn't burn too much. Plus, I hope you loved the Diagon Alley part in Universal - it was only just being built when you went in 2013!

I know you're probably still living at home with Pa, but are you saving up for somewhere of your own? Your spending habits have hopefully improved over the past year, but I know the shoe/clothes buying habit is going to be heard to break! However, after Florida, you've not got anything major to pay for, so try and save up as much as you can so you can venture out into the wild as an actual adult!

Although, finding somewhere might be hard with the whole Brexit thing. Are we still part of the EU, over a year later? Have we finally left? Is it happening or have they decided against it? Hopefully either way, you can find somewhere and if they have left the EU, I hope it's be beneficial for you somehow! Oh, also... Is Theresa May still the PM, or has someone else taken over?

And how's Nicola doing? As your writing this (now mid-November), she's due to have baby #2 any time between now and the end of January! Was it a boy or girl? What is their name? I know you guessed a boy, so were you right? Either way, I hope the baby is okay and you've had a cuddle or two! Are you both still having nights out each month for dinner and then filming your Tania & Nicola Show?

What are your goals for the year, and have you managed to achieve any of them yet? I know in 2016 you managed a fair few of them, but gave up halfway through the year! Hopefully you've done better this time round. I know you always go on about loosing some weight, but you're still pretty chirpy regardless of your weight as you've settled into the idea that you're chunky and funky and that's just how you like to be! OWN IT. Even if you've shed some pounds, or even put some on, as long as you're happy, who gives a shit?? 

So by now, your sister Ash, should have graduated University!! How did she do, and has she got a job in the field she wanted? Either way, you're super proud of her and will always love her to bits - even if she's a qualified adult now - and don't freak out, but she's TWENTY TWO now. She's not such a 'baby' sister anymore!!

Lastly, hows work going? I'm hoping you're still at the place that sounds like Borrisons, and on the Deli/Counters still? I'm praying that in a years time, your contract hours will have gone up and you're either on full time or at least doubled what your doing now! Be thankful you still have a job regardless of the hours - money is money! And how are all the peeps up there? Anyone left, or got new people?

Finally - I hope no matter what the next year throws your way, I hope you're happy!


I  find this so therapeutic to do, and just have a little chatty post here and there! Love it! What would be in your letter to yourself in a year from now? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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