Monday 16 January 2017

BH Cosmetics: Foil Eyes To Go Palette | Review

We all love a freebie right?

Well, with my last BH Cosmetics purchase back in 2016, I was sent a little freebie eyeshadow palette with the order as I'd spent over $25!

I found this little 6 colour eyeshadow palette in the box and thought it was super cute and handbag sized! I loved all the colours - well maybe not so fond of the bright blue - but all of the neutral shades that were on offer.

Cannot for the life of me, find this on their website, but it is on Ebay right now for $10.39, along with a hefty shipping fee - so I'm guessing these are either new items they're trial running at the moment, or these are just on stand by as free gifts only.

Who knows.


I worked as much of the product onto my forearm as possible, but the pigmentation is sadly disappointing. Albeit bright and shimmery, these really need to be built up to get some coverage. Except that pesky blue!

However, once they are built up to a relatively good colour, they blend really well, and last for a really long time. I can't see me using this a great deal, but it will be going in my work handbag anyway as it has some good neutral shades that are perfect for a touch up during the day.

I've thrown the stupid little foam applicator in the bin as I hate them as much as I hate peanuts. Which is lots.

So yes, a freebie is always lovely, but this is just a bit... meh? Still, I'm sure I'll use it a bit over the year, but I have a feeling my Mum will get a much better use of of this than me!

Have you tried any of BH Cosmetics products before, and have you tried this mini palette out? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Wow these are gorgeous shades! I've never heard of this palette before but definitely going to keep my eye out for it :D thanks for sharing :)


    1. I love the vibrancy of them in the palette, just a shame they're not as pigmented as I'd like! xx

  2. oooh this looks lovely, I really like the warmer shades on the bottom! xx

    1. I like all of these, albeit the blue! I'm hoping with a primer on, they might work better! ❤️

  3. OMG foam eyeshadow applicators are my nemeses. Just no. Don't even include them huns. Use the foam for something more productive and fun like Pineapple bath sponges.

    1. Sorry for late reply, been on holiday!

      They are just so pointless IMO, and don't work at all. Sure, as a kid they were handy, but now I'm a fan of a good ole brush to apply it! xx


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