Wednesday 4 January 2017

I've Got Chatty Feet!*

Winter has been a bit cruel this time round. It's been bitterly cold the past few months, and the amount of ice I've scraped off my car, could easily cover the Alps...

And when it's cold my feet and tootsies get super chilly! Well slippers and socks are the answer - but if going the sock route, I like to have something fun as the pattern. I enjoy a good festive print over Christmas, but afterwards, it feels a bit wrong to wear Reindeers on your feet!

So I bring you Chatty Feet! A wonderful sock company with designs for all, which also add a hint of fun!

They're website describes the products and their company as 'Serious fun. That’s what ChattyFeet socks are all about. We make funky socks with witty names to make you smile and bring a little fun into your day. With cheeky characters for kids and adults, you’ll be sure to find a quirky gift to match your pal’s personality.

And boy, do they deliver.

I was very kindly sent a couple of pairs to try out - Sandy and Yoko Mono! Each has a fun design, and on the back of the packaging is a little snippet about the socks and the character on them!

Sandy retails at £7.50 and Yoko Mono is for £7.50 as well. There are loads of designs available for men, women and children - so anyone can wear these.

I've worn each pair between now and Boxing day, and I've been so cosy in them! They're not super thick, which is perfect for me, as it means I can still wear my usual shoes without them feeling tight.

I love that they're both super bright designs and colours, and come up to about mid-calf, so also perfect for wearing with some of my boots.

Yes, they might be a little pricey for a pair of socks - but they're such good quality and the designs are quite amusing! So give them a try!

Have you tried Chatty Feet before? Let me know if you have, and what other designs off the site that you like! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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*Collaborative Post - views remain honest and impartial regardless of payment/gifting of items

*Collaborative Post


  1. You're a game of thrones fan?! Just saw your bio! Will definitely check out these socks, especially since we're expecting the cold soon.

    - Avalon from

    1. I am indeed! Quite obsessed with it!! :) Hopefully you find some socks you like :) xx


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