Monday, 23 January 2017

My 2017 Bullet Journal

Last April, I decided to start a bullet journal. I've not exactly gone into detail about it or showed it much here on my blog, but I stuck at it all year. I shared a lot of it on my Instagram, along with some pages from my new one.

A Bullet Journal is a cross between a planner, journal and diary - and as you design the pages, it's totally tailored to you. The main components are a:

  • key page of any icons and colours you'll use through the book
  • an index - list the page numbers and what's on them so you can easily flick to it
  • a future log - a bit like a year at a glance so you can see what is going on each month
  • collection pages - each page is a topic/module, called a collection, that you would then have in the index. This can be something like 'workout plan' 'comic book tracker' 'monthly gratitude' and so on. 
  • montly log - a little page at a glance view of the month ahead to log any important dates or events
  • daily log/rapid log - each day you write the day and date and then list underneath what you need to do that day by using the icons from your key

For a better idea, check out the bullet journal website!

I used the Leuchtturm 1917 Journal with dotted pages, in the shade called Berry for my first one. I used all of the main components and thankfully, the 1917 comes with pages numbers already, so it's one less thing to worry about! I also done a monthly layout including my goals and blog goals, and each daily log was turned into a week log over two pages so it was like a little diary.

I use a lot of colourful pens for my journal, as well as a crap ton of stickers and washi tape so I can decorate it! But you can use a plain black biro and not decorate it at all if you're not fussy on how it looks. I finished my Berry planner in December, so I bought a new one in Purple for 2017! So far it's going pretty well, and below are some of my pages and layout that you can always try for yourself!

Buckle up folks, this is going to be a lot of pictures...

The above pages are the ones that pretty much everyone will have, in some form or another! The 2017 diary layout is new for this journal as I didn't do it last time. I thought it would be a good idea to have birthdays and holiday dates all in one place so I could see it a bit easier, rather than in the future log.

This emotions tracker was pretty popular on my instagram from my last journal! In my new one, I've updated the colours so it's a bit easier to discern each emotion - plus I added in a tracker for the green days, so I can see what any issues are that I can try focusing and working on.

I'll be doing a post about the financial planning and future savings plan pages on Friday, so keep an eye out for that!

So that's my bullet journal so far!! I put all of these at the front of my journal as I knew I'd want to use them a lot, as most of these are 'trackers' and need to be updated regularly.

Updated 13/3/17: If you want to see a flip through of my journal, check out the video below!

I'll do another post soon with my monthly layout and my daily layout, otherwise this is going to be a stupidly long post...

Have you got a bujo yourself, and if you, please let me see what it's like as I love looking at them! What's the best page I've done so far? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I love looking at bullet journal ideas although I've never made one myself! Looks like a lot of work has gone into it, my favourite pages are the film ones :)

    Abigail xx

    1. I'm obsessed with it! It took me about 2 hours to do all of the above pages, and that was while going slowly! ❤️

  2. I'm so jealous! I love the look of bullet journals but I just know I'd never use one!

    Corinne x

    1. I don't these are for everyone, but I love designing all the pages and making them look pretty :) ❤️

  3. I love your bullet journal! I'm always trying to make one but then I get too caught up on it looking perfect xo

    1. Thank you! I try and get some pages looking pretty, but others are a mess - so I've not shown them on here! ❤️

  4. I love your bullet journal! I use a bullet journal too but I have been neglecting it a lot at the moment. This post has inspired me to get into bullet journaling again though!

    Eleanor |

    1. Thank you! :) Hope you start it again, I'd love to see it! I find it's nice to sit and do before bed as a wind down :) ❤️

  5. You have some great trackers, I love mine. I've been meaning to do a post on mine but I just haven't got around to it yet. I love looking at other peoples and seeing what they put in theirs. HAYLEY || Echo Luna Luxe

    1. Thank you! When you get a post done (maybe!) I'd love to see it as I'm super nosey at other people's planners too! ❤️

  6. Ohh it's so nice to get some BuJo inspo! My journal is really basic but it works for me so far. Love the idea of an emotions tracker!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you! Mine was basic when I started it, but it's definitely got more colourful since! xx


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