Monday 20 March 2017

'You Don't Smile Much, Do You?'

It was Saturday morning, 6:05am to be exact. I'd just arrived back at work for my 6am shift after only finishing at 10pm Friday night. I was super tired after having a little over 2 hours sleep due to a not-so-fun asthma attack at 1am. I was a bit cold, exhausted, and my chest hurt like hell from coughing all night because I couldn't breathe.

I was setting up my deli counter, still a bit bleary eyed and wishing for my bed to suddenly appear, when I heard one of the night workers say it. 'You don't smile much, do you?'

I didn't think much of it as he was talking to some other night workers at the time who were near him. Then I heard him say it again. 'You don't smile much, do you?'

I then looked up, like 'WTF is he saying it for twice??' Only to look up and see him staring right at me as he leaned on the trolley full for goods he was supposed to be putting out on the shelves. I just blinked for a second and went, 'huh?'

'You don't smile much, do you?'

Okay... So he was talking to me. I just gave a half assed laugh and shrugged and went 'yeah well I'm tired!' But that wasn't good enough. He just laughed and said, 'a young girl of your age? Tired Teenagers!' He then walked off.


Now, not for a moment do I feel he meant it maliciously or thought he was being rude to say so, or that I might not have appreciated the comment. But why make a comment, at all, about my resting bitch face??

I'd just been minding my own business and getting my deli counter all set up before the supermarket doors opened, and was in my own world of date coding all the meats I was putting out, when he said it to me. I was honestly a little taken aback. Had I really looked that tired/pissed off/absent, that he felt the need to comment on why my facial muscles weren't taut in a smile?

What did he want me to be like at bloody 6am after two hours sleep? Did he want me to be smiling like the Joker while singing a jolly tune? Did he want me to come in with jazz hands and grinning like the Cheshire Cat?

Evidence of an actual smile!
Had I always come in for those early shifts with a face of thunder on me?

The thing was, not a minute before he said anything, I'd been stood giggling with Josie about how goddamn tired we were after doing the late shift and then the early. We were laughing about being sleeping zombies. So he'd obviously not seen that moment, and just assumed I was a moody cow? Apparently so.

It's clearly pissed me off enough for me to write a damn blog post on it, but hey, THERAPY IN TYPING.

My point here is, why did he feel the need to comment on my facial expressions when we'd not spoken at all before, nor knew each other, or even said a greeting before the sarcastic comment? Why say anything at all? Had I said something like that to him, I'm sure he'd not have been thrilled about it either.

My conclusion is that he's a dick, and I don't anticipate talking to him again nor giving a crap if he tries to get my attention again. I also don't even know his name. That's how little I know this man.

I'm usually quite a smiley, happy and chirpy person at work. I've been told by people it's rare I'm not smiling when I'm there, or ever see me get too annoyed by things. So I had a slip up of my usual self. So sue me. 

And yay for me, for being self indulgent and using a selfie of me for the header image for this post.

Anywhooo, hope you all had a great weekend and have a fabulous Monday to kick off your week!! Have you had any comments like this out of the blue before? If so, please let me know as I'd love to know how you dealt with it! Maybe a passive aggressive blog post like mine (haha)! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. A similar thing happened to me before but with a customer. I was looking through paperwork carefully sorting by alphabetical order to find something for another customer and a lady told me to smile because i didn't look very happy. I was so taken aback. I was literally just concentrating on checking the papers not serving someone. Who smiles whilst reading? I'm sure she meant nothing of the comment but I'll never forget that haha this provably makes me sound really angry. Whoops

    1. It's always when you're doing something mundane, that they seem to comment on your facial expressions! I find it so rude and annoying!! I don't think I've ever smiled while doing the paperwork! xx

  2. Oh I hate people who do this; I've heard many a time "cheer up, it may never happen" I always wanted to respond with "How's about you fuck off and take your assumptions elsewhere!" I do think it's because people want to make small talk and they don't mean anything by it but why?! It's not as if he wouldn't have said anything equally odd if you'd been flashing the deli meat your best smile, so you can't win. Don't give the odd-ball another thought. xx

    1. I so badly wanted to reply with that! He literally said this to me and walked off afterwards and I've not seen him since, so not sure if he was breaking the ice or just being a dick, haha! xx

  3. I hate it when people tell me to smile! It's so patronising and just puts me in a bad mood. You should be able to taze idiots that say this.

    Corinne x

    1. It made me so pissed off for the rest of my shift, that I was in a foul mood even when I got back home! xx

  4. Oh my gosh, how annoying! I'd have probably punched him, to be honest, but that wouldn't have been a very good reaction! Haha. x x

    1. I thankfully didn't see him today, or I might have said it to him and see what he thought!! xx


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