Friday 24 March 2017

Picture Perfect #11

It's Thursday night. I'm super tired and ready to climb into bed, and it's only 8:42pm... I've done two 6am starts at work in a row, and for some reason they've drained me! SOOO tired. However I need to get a post out and ready for tomorrow, so what's a better space filler than this month's Picture Perfect!?

It was due for next week, but I've bumped it up a few days instead! I've not taken many pictures at all this month, it's been a bit quiet in my slice of the world, so here's a few snaps of what I have taken pics of this month!

These are SO YUMMY

Had cheese and beans on toast, for the first time in years!

Showing off my selfie light!

Picked up a 'Mickey/Minnie Mouse' themed backpack

Easter egg lunch break with Josie!

Playing Guildhall with Mike & Cam!

I'm now ready to crawl into bed and get a good sleep, as I'm off out with Nicola tomorrow night! Yay!!

Hope you've all had a pretty nice March so far, and a good start to this year overall! What have you all been up to lately? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Ooh those Thins look lovely! Can't beat cheese and beans on toast, either! x x

    1. they are delicious!!! :) the toast was sadly a little disappointing :( xx


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