Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Twinkle Toes!

I dragged my friend Abbi into Lush the other day for one particular item. This Twinkle Toes dusting powder. It retails at £6.95 for 45g. The product is aimed to be used for your feet, but after doing a little digging about online, there is one other use that intrigued me.

As well as using to dust in your shoes to help with any odors and to stop your feet getting so sticky on a hot day - it's also perfect for us bigger girls who get 'chub rub'.

I have chunky ole thighs, and in the hot weather, it hurts a fair bit when wearing dresses or skirts! I read about this use on Buzzfeed and that's what caught my interest. I purchased this just as the sweltering heat started here in the UK, and it was just in time. You simply shake a bit of the product where you want to stop any rubbing, and then just smooth it across the area.

It has a really pretty shimmer to it and smells amazing. Like perfumed baby powder!

I've used this a lot when wearing dresses the past few weeks, and it's lasted 3-4 hours before it started to wear off. Which to me is perfect.

I have also used this in my flats like it's designed for - and that has worked just as well too. Plus it leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Have you tried this out before, and what do you think of the 'cub rub' method? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Unknown said...

I love LUSH dusting powders - I've only recently started using them but they're brill! xo

Tania Michele said...

They're soo good and I love the scent! I need to get more.. xx

Carmen said...

I recently got some Lush dusting powders and I love them. I am so happy that I`ve read this post, can`t wait to put the second use to test:)

Emily said...

I used the Snow Fairy dusting powder at Christmas, they are lovely!

Emily xo

Tania Michele said...

I want to buy more, they're amazing!! And yes, try it and let me know what happens! xx

Tania Michele said...

I still need to try that out as I hear the scent is divine!! xx

Sarah @ Raiin Monkey said...

I've been really curious about using the Lush powders to help with chafing in the summer, so your post has made me even more encouraged to try it for myself x

Sarah | Raiin Monkey

Tania Michele said...

They're so handy to have on standby for when the heat hits - and the smell is divine! xx

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