Monday 31 July 2017

Monthly Favourites #27 - July

Another month is over already! We're way over half of the year gone, but it feels like it was January not two seconds ago!! I've not had the most fabulous month, but I've still tried to find some good things about June to put a smile on my face! Let's hope August is a lot better!

I've been addicted to this song in July. I love RuPaul as it is, and I've been watching Todrick's video's since his 'Splits on Trees' video. This song is so catchy and I find myself bopping along to it whenever it comes on my iTunes! This video is incredible, and I've never been so attracted to a Lion before 😂

My favourite picture from this month is of my new set of DVD's that I bought on payday! I've not bought any film for a while now, so I got my hands on a few offers that were on! And I've finally got Community on DVD, so I've not got to watch grainy versions of it on YouTube anymore!

TV Show
I am so happy Game of Thrones is back!! The first episode was a good opener for the season, plus that opening with the Frey's was AMAZING. I've picked a picture from last season to avoid any spoilers!!
Episode two was on last week and what an ending. Is is wrong I have a a mini weird crush on Euron Greyjoy as his guyliner skills? Such a good episode and I am about to watch last night's as this blog post is going live...

I've been having a little Marvel marathon this month - I've done it all out of order right now, as I plan on doing a full timeline marathon sometime next month when work is a little less hectic! I'd forgot how many little funny moments were in the movie, and it makes me super excited for Infinity War!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for July! What have you loved this month yourself, from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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  1. Yay for buying lots of films! It's always nice to have a little film haul :) x x

    1. I bought so many this month, it's a bit shameful! But I'm still after some more come next payday... xx


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