Friday, 23 March 2018

Picture Perfect | March 2018

I haven't done a picture update for ages on my blog, so thought I'd try and get back into it here and there. I don't take many pictures anymore, so I'll only be doing this every few months as an update - or more often if I've been busy!

Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to since the start of the year. Enjoy!

Watching the Royal Rumble Wrestling with Mike

One of my nights out with Nicola!


Got back into journalling 

Bought a Drag Race fan book, and it's sooo good!

I took a lot more pictures of the snow, but don't want to bore you all with it! Hope March has been treating you well so far. What have you all been up to this month? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Corinne said...

Love the snow pictures. Can't believe how much we've had this year!

Corinne x

Stephanie said...

Your journal looks fab (I need to sort mine out aha!). I love your snow pics - I'm still not over how much we actually got

Steph -

Panty Buns said...

I agree with Corinne - those snow pictures are great!!! I'm not remembering seeing sailboats already in the water with snow on them before. The harbour nearest to me doesn't have boats at any of the moorings yet, but I can sense that it will fill up with boats in what seems the blink of an eye. I love that you bought a Ru Paul's Drag Race Fan Guide!

The Blossom Twins said...

Love picture posts Tania!! Is that your bullet journal? It looks amazing!!! We haven't watched wrestling for ages, as we don't have cable at home, but we need to catch up!! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Lucy and Kelly xx

Tania Michele said...

Me either - it was so pretty! xx

Tania Michele said...

Thank you - I've been enjoying the stickers far too much, haha! xx

Tania Michele said...

These boats are just on our local lake where they are all year round, but loved them against the snowy background! The Dag book is so good so far :) xx

Tania Michele said...

It's just a normal journal I got from Hobbycraft, and have gone a little mad with stickers! but it's less hassle than a bujo, so I like it :) xx

Aimee Raindrop Writes said...

Loving the snow photos - looks like you had fun! x x

Tania Michele said...

It was great that snow - partially wish I could have another snow day! xx

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