Wednesday 16 May 2018

How To Become A Pro Gamer*

If you know anything about gaming, you'll know that it's an amazing way to escape the stresses and pressures that come from your ordinary life. Sometimes, it's nice to be able to disappear into a whole new world where you can slay monsters and ride dragons and protect your kingdom, or become a spy and find the notorious killer before he finds you. For those few hours that you play, you can become an entirely new person, and never have to think about your issues for a second. For some, it's a form of therapy.

So if you're looking to take things to the next level in terms of your gaming - here's how.

Create the comfort
If you're used to molding yourself into the sofa or your bed when playing - you're doing it all wrong. You will very quickly become uncomfortable and continue shifting your weight as a result of this, and when playing, you can't afford to keep doing that, especially because it takes you out of the game. You need a proper chair that has been created for this activity - one that holds and supports you in all the right places. If you're not sure what you need, chair guides will show you a whole range of the best gaming seats you could ever ask for. That way you will never have to worry about getting that cramp in your leg again.

Surround the sound
If you've ever listened to music through headphones before, you'll know that there's a huge difference between hearing it that way, and just listening to it come out of a speaker. It changes the whole experience and draws you in more, and that makes everything feel even better. So don't settle with the sound coming from your television speaker or your pc - get some gamer headphones to hear it all how it was meant to be heard. The last thing you want is to play a game, only to have to keep going back a checkpoint (if you even have that option) because you missed what they said.

Connect the conversation
If you opt for playing online so that you can test your skills out against other budding gamers, then you can not go without a headset. This is a lot more than just headphones - gaming headsets come with a mic attached to it so you aren't required to use your hands at all when conversing, allowing you to focus on the game. Once you're connected, you have full range of whether you want to mute your voice, or turn the volume up and down on others, or yourself. This makes it all feel a lot more real because you can hear everyone's reaction, you can laugh, joke, or even taunt one another if that's your style, psyching the opponent out.

Now you know how to make the experience better, have a look at what new games are out that you'd like to lose yourself to.

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  1. I love gaming but don't have the time to be a pro!

    Corinne x

    1. I'm the same really! I try and get into it, but I end up only doing it once a week - I need to up my game! xx


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