Thursday 24 May 2018

Student Hacks For Beating Boredom This Summer*

The majority of hardworking, average Joes can only dream of three month long summer holidays. For students, it’s the reality for three to four years of their life. Universities break up earlier than any other education establishment, ridiculously early. Sure, the initial time-off is amazing, getting to sleep in late and not have to worry about exams. Sure enough, the boredom sets in after a while and it gets a little too much. Thankfully, students of all generations have dealt with this problem and come up with solutions. Here are four of the best that range from cheap, easy, and exotic.

Book A Holiday
Granted, funds aren’t great at the moment, but that will soon change when the bursary hits the bank account. All you’ve got to do is survive until September, which shouldn’t be too difficult with mum and dad paying the bills. And, they’ll probably throw you a cheeky £20 now and again. Therefore, a short but necessary holiday with the girls may be on the cards. Keep it as cheap as possible by choosing a hell-hole of a place where the flights, accommodation, and alcohol is less expensive than bread. Or, organise a four-day city break to a close-by destination such as Dublin.

Go To The Cinema
Again, funds are low at the moment but you have an ace up the sleeve. It’s called a student card and it gets you half price off the cost of a cinema ticket. Even better, they accept it in conjunction with other promotions. For example, the old Orange Wednesdays, now available with Compare the Market insurance, is fair game. Another cool trick is to hit up independent movie theatres because the prices are lower than big corporations such as Reel and The Vue. Plus, they accept student cards too. There aren’t many better ways to while away a weekday afternoon.

Buy Gig Tickets
It’s not only the days that are boring; it’s the night as well. As uni is lit from Monday to Monday, it can feel a tad sad sitting at home with the fam watching EastEnders. The key is to get out during the week whenever possible, and there is no better excuse than a musical event. All you have to do is check out The Ticket Merchant and pick a concert that is to your standards. By “to your standards,” please read: it’s music you like/can tolerate and isn’t pricey. Alternatively, call your fellow students and go to the pub.

Get A Job
Oh no, not a job! Sure, you planned on putting off your career until university was over. However, needs are a must when you’re bored out of your skull with zero money in the bank. Think of it this way – at least you will not be stuck indoors doing squat. Anyway, it isn’t as if you have to work in a factory or stack shelves at ASDA, not there is anything wrong with either job. You can use the time to add to your CV and do something related to the uni course that is fulfilling.

What do you think of these hacks? Get in touch or leave a comment.

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  1. I wish I had time to be bored! I'm always doing something!

    Corinne x

    1. I have times where I'm sat doing nothing, so I am using these ideas wisely through the summer :) xx


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