Wednesday 7 November 2018

Artists I'm Currently Loving | Part 2

This colder weather is perfect getting snuggled up with a book, and for listening to song while getting on with tasks, or just relaxing. I've been hooked on these artists and songs for the last month or so, and these are ones I listen to each day, without fail!

Runaway June
I found these girls at the end of September, and I am hooked. Buy My Own Drinks is my current fave girl anthem, and it's one I managed to learn all the words to in a few short days, as I played it repetitively. Their other song, Wild West, is another one I've enjoyed a lot lately, and it's country so of course I'm a fan!

Levi Hummon
His new EP is amazing, and I finally got around to buying it yesterday. My fave songs have to be Patient, and Earthquake. They both have amazing lyrics, and his vocals are amazing on the entire EP. I can't wait to see what else he brings out.

Kane Brown
I've had Homesick for the last month, and then found Lose It, last week. Homesick is one I fell in love with the first time I heard it - all because of his voice! Another country artist that I've spent a lot of the past month listening too on YouTube!

We The Kings
One of the few bands that I enjoy every single song from. I've got all of their albums, but there are some songs that truly stand out to me. Of course, Check Yes Juliet, is one of their best known songs, and one of my faves. I love Spin, Never Your Fault, and the one that first got me into their music - Just Keep Breathing. I love their music so much, and have yet to find a song I dislike.

Old Dominion
Another new group I found in October, and another country one! Hotel Key was the first one I found, and it's such a good song, and even the video for it made me laugh. Make it Sweet is their latest release, and it's got some truly amazing lyrics in it if you listen close enough!

What artist are you enjoying the most right now? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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