Thursday 25 April 2019

Saving Money: Quick Tips To Save Quids*

Saving money is something we should all be doing, but not many of us are to our full capabilities. And, saving doesn’t even have to be about not spending anything, you can buy the things you want and still put money aside. No matter what your income. Pretty much there is no time of year that you don’t need to save money. Christmas, birthday’s, holidays… It’s pretty endless. All of the typical suggestions are:

  • Stop ordering takeaway
  • Use the car less
  • Cut back on branded food items
And, yeah, for sure they will all work. But there are other things you can look at too.

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Ditch Weekday Drinks

If you are partial to a tipple during the week, it might be time to strip that back to a good old cup of tea. It’s better for your health, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep too. But instead of grabbing a bottle of wine on a Wednesday, or having a few in the local cocktail bar on a Thursday put the money in a pot. You might be surprised how much you have in the pot at the end of the month.

Buy Online
Although there isn’t anything like strolling through a shop and trying things on when it comes to great deals the internet has got your back - big time. Signing up to mailing lists, getting first-time discounts of up to 25%, scouting for codes to get free delivery and being able to compare prices in a range of stores (all while in your PJs is pretty great).

Swap Providers
It might be time for you to check up on your gas and electric providers - there are many new options with green energy and easy top-up options it is worth shopping around. You might find that you are going to save a lot if you spend some time looking around for broadband and phone deals too.

Auto Saving
Set up Plum or Cleo and have them automatically calculate and save what you can afford each week. Because it has been carefully worked out by these intelligent little robots, you won’t be left short as they only save what you can safely afford, They work via your facebook messenger and takes a couple of minutes to set up.

If you take a £10 to the shop and spend £9.50, take that extra 50p and put it in a jar somewhere. You can do this as many times as a day as you like. And you can apply it to your bank account too. Open a separate savings account, and every time you see your balance doesn’t end in a 0 move some cash. Like £603.47, you would move the 3.47 to your savings accounts.

It is essential to set yourself goals. Saving £5 or £50 in a month, setting small manageable goals is going to help immensely, the sense of gratification at meeting your goals will encourage you to save more too.

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