Sunday 31 March 2019

4 Ideas For Creative Hobbies To Pursue*

It seems like we’re all busier than ever before, yet, while we do indeed have many obligations, most of us have more time than we think. It’s just that we’re spending the time on things like social media, watching Netflix shows, and other passive activities. They can be fun, but only up to a point. One of the most underrated ways to spend your time is to get creative. It’s an inherently rewarding activity; it doesn’t matter if you don’t end up making money from it. The pleasure is in the creating. Below, we take a look at four creative pursuits anyone can try!


Writing it Down
You’ve got a laptop just sitting there. Why not disconnect the wifi and get to writing? It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, a screenplay, or anything else. Once you get going, you’ll find that there’s much joy to be had in getting into the flow of writing. It’s a way to flesh out thoughts, feelings, and ideas that you’ve had, and to present them in an interesting way. There are a million directions you can head in, too -- it’s a lifelong hobby.

On the Screen
Once upon a time, if you wanted to make a video, you’d have to do, well, too much work. A spark of curiosity wasn’t enough -- you had to be reasonably committed if you were going to invest. The rise of personal computers changed all that way. Now, anyone with a laptop can try their hand at creating videos, though it’s easiest if you have a Mac or other Apple computer. If the idea of visual expression sounds interesting to you, read more about how you can get started. Whether you make videos by yourself or as part of a group, you’ll find that it’s a creative pursuit that is a lot of fun.

With Your Hands
Computers and information technology have been great for some hobbies, but has blindsided some people into thinking that it’s the only source when it comes to creative hobbies. This is not the case! Over the past few years, there has been a rise in people starting more traditional hobbies, such as woodworking and textiles. Once you’ve got the basics of both, you’ll be able to create a whole range of products, which you can then sell.

The Joys of Living
There are some things in life that just make you happy to be alive. Dancing is one such thing. People tend to stiffen up when they hit the dancefloor, but they’re missing out on something that can be super fun! Not that you can blame them. It can be difficult to know what to do when a beat starts. So why not learn? You can understand -- and put into practice -- the basics of dancing pretty quickly. From there, it’s all about refining your style. You’ll love doing it, and you might just end up impressing some people when you’re next invited to a party and your favourite track starts up.

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  1. I really want to tap more into my creativity this year - I've been filming a few weekly vlogs, but I think I'm going to give calligraphy and maybe even pottery a go too!

    Steph -

    1. I've got into journalling and tidying of all things! xx


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