Thursday 21 March 2019

3 Reasons To Love The New Captain Marvel Movie*

If you thought all things Marvel had come to an end after the finger-snapping events of Avengers: Infinity War, one of our favourite movies of 2018,then think again. Sure, many of our heroes were sent into dust-scattered oblivion thanks to hissable baddie Thanos - boo! - but if you stuck around for the end credits sequence (probably because you were too stunned by the movie's end to leave your seat), then you would have seen Nick Fury send a call-out to Marvel's latest hero (and probable saviour of the Avengers) Captain Marvel!

And now here she is, kicking ass on our cinema screens (at the time of writing), and if you're a Marvel fan, you have probably seen the film already. It's had a slightly mixed reception from the critics, but it's still better than many of the so-called blockbuster movies filling up our cinemas.

Here are three good reasons as to why you might love the film.

#1: It's the MCU's first female superhero-led film

There are plenty of female superheroes in the Marvel Universe, some of whom we have seen on our screens - Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Black Widow - and some we are still desperate to see - She-Hulk, Spider-Woman - but none have led a movie until now. But what about Elektra, we hear you cry. Okay, well that is the exception, but the movie was awful, and despite being a Marvel character, it's not officially part of the MCU universe. And neither is Wonder Woman (she's from DC), in case you were going to bring up that recent example. Hoorah then for Captain Marvel, the first official leading lady in the MCU, and from what we see in the film, she is a match for any guy in a super suit!

#: 2: There is a wonderful tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee passed away in late 2018, and as the news was heard, a billion Marvel fans cried out in pain. You see, without this great man, there would have been no Captain Marvel, no Spiderman, and let's be honest, no MCU. He didn't found Marvel comics, but he did create some of the greatest superheroes that still exist in the public consciousness today. He has made a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie since 1989, and thankfully for us, makes a similar appearance in Captain Marvel. But before his appearance, there is a wonderful tribute in the opening credits sequence, where, instead of the usual montage of MCU heroes flashing up on our screens, there is a montage of Stan Lee in all his forms, both on and off screen. You will shed a tear! Excelsior!!

#3: The film is a nostalgia-fest

The film is a prequel to Infinity War  and is set predominantly in the '90s. The film is jam-packed with nostalgia from the time, alongside relics of the past. For those of you with a VHS recorder still in your attic, you will send out a wistful sigh when Captain Marvel crash lands into a Blockbuster store (remember them?),lined with movie video cassettes of the time. If you spend more time playing classic arcade games on your console than recent releases and have a virtual arcade pinball machine in your games room, then you will get a thrill at the perfect replicas of both a classic Space invaders arcade cabinet and pinball machine, fittingly located (bizarrely) in an alien spaceship. And then there are Troll dolls, Koosh balls, pagers, and with surprising significance in the movie, a Happy Days lunchbox, with the Fonz plastered all over it. See how many other relics from the past you can spot in the movie.

Not only but also…

There are more reasons to love the film, of course. There's some kick-ass action for a start, alongside some amazing special effects. You get to see Agent Coulson and Nick Fury at the start of their careers, and finally learn the truth about Fury's missing eye. Brie Larson is amazing (as always) in the lead, and she is joined by Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, and erm… a cat who isn't really a cat. And the film brings us hope, tying into the present day and the current events of the MCU. Captain Marvel will save the day, we promise!

In short, go and see the film. We think you will love it!

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  1. We can't wait to watch this Tania! :) Gearing up for Avengers Endgame too and of course Shazam! There's so many awesome movies coming out at the moment! :) xx

    1. Shazam is on my list too! This film was amazing, and I want to see it again before Endgame comes out! xx

  2. I've not seen any marvel movies at all! I kind of feel like I won't like them!

    Corinne x

    1. I've watched them all at least five times! I'm a bit of a Marvel geek these days lol xx

  3. Ooooh I really need to see this! I was so disappointed with Wonder Woman (because wow obviously she couldn't harness her power properly until a man came into her life) but I hope Marvel come up trumps with this one!

    Steph -

    1. I loved Wonder Woman, but agree with Steve being the key to her powers was a little disappointing! Captain Marvel is all her and no man helps her with her powers, and it was very empowering! xx


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