Monday 17 December 2018

My Fave Movies Of 2018

I've seen a good handful of movies this year, and though not as many at the cinema as I'd have liked, still enough for me to make this list! These are the movies I've really enjoyed this year. In no particular order, as all from memory, here they are!


The Greatest Showman
I left the cinema singing 'This is me', and promptly went home and bought the CD off iTunes, and then a hard copy from the supermarket for my car. I even went about learning some of the 'this is me' dance routine. Obsessed.
I know it's not a very good representation of the very flawed real life P.T Barnum, but Hollywood changes things for it's own gain, and I liked this glitz version that Hugh Jackman gave us. The songs made a lasting impression on me, as did all the various dance scenes. I get teary eyed during the fire scene, as I loved the relationship between Philip and Anne.

Black Panther
This was amazing. I'm majorly into this movie because of a few things. 1 - Wakanda is darn beautiful. 2 - Women and men were seen as equals, and this was wholly clear when M'Baku called out the people of Wakanda for letting a child be in charge of their tech, not a woman as we would see in most movies. 3 - The Dora Milajie, are a super group of warrior women who are the army of the country, and the protectors of the King. I loved the idea of the women being the army, and a big shoutout to Danai Gurira who was the perfect General. The colours, themes, villains - all perfect.

Avengers: Infinity War
I barely know where to start here. It is, after all, only the first half of longer running movie. There were so many twists and turns. I was not excepting Loki and Heimdall to die so quickly. Or for the way so many of various Marvel cast ended up in scenes together. There were some lighter moments - such as the "Get lost, Squidward" moment - to the downright horrendous moments. Such as Tony being stabbed and the entire cinema collectively gasped loudly, but he then lived. Or when Spider-Man is turning to ash, and his words provoked the cinema to audibly voice with worry.
I cannot wait for the next part of this film - though I have a few worries about what will happen, and it's nothing to do with people dying!

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!
I pretty much cried from start to finish with this film! I went into the film knowing that Donna had died as twitter is a hellhole for spoilers. I was blubbering the second that it was mentioned, and then pretty much any time that Donna was mentioned, and the last song pretty much destroyed me, to the point I don't actually remember much, other than Sophie and Donna singing opposite one another.
The rest of the film was incredible. I loved the songs, dance scenes, and the casting of the younger versions of the characters was so spot on - I'm looking at you Lily James!

The Incredibles 2
One film that I could have happily watched on repeat during release week. I've wanted this film for over a decade, and happily can report that I was not disappointed. There were plenty of good moments, and I loved that the kids to be part of the rescue team again!
However, the best moments from all of this was when Jack Jack was on screen. His overnight stay with Edna is meant to be a special feature when it comes to DVD/Blu Ray, so I'm excited to see that. Finding out he has pretty much every superpower going was a fun thing to witness after so long of wondering!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Another Jurassic movie I'm in love with. I was fully excited for the original Jurassic World when it was released, and even more excited when I heard there was going to be a sequel to it. I was hoping to have less island time in the film, and was not disappointed here. I'm glad they have moved off the islands for this film, and hopefully the next one in the trilogy.
Also really intrigued as to what else will crop up, now that we've been introduced to our first human clone - using the same techniques to bring the dinosaurs to life. Maisie's story was a great addition to these movies, and will hopefully give us some new adventures in the upcoming movie.

What films have you enjoyed during 2018, and do we have any of the same one? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Great list! Mamma Mia was a major fave - as soon as it finished I turned to my friend and said "WE HAVE TO SEE THIS AGAIN!!!"

    1. It was perfect! I was worried I'd not like it after the first one was so good, but this was all I needed! xx


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