Monday 10 December 2018

My Fave TV Shows Of 2018

There have been some amazing TV shows this year, but these ones below, are the ones that I've really looked forward to each week. They may contain spoilers, so beware!

It was really difficult to pick which shows to pick for this list, as I've watched over 20 different shows this year, so here are the ones that made it to to top. May it be because I laughed, cried, cheered - or all three, these are the best of 2018.
Station 19
I found this show back at Easter, and not long before it finished airing. A spin off to Grey's Anatomy, this has been a welcome relief from Scandal, which ended last season. We've got to follow the firefighters, and a police officer through some really good episodes, and that ending to season one, was too amazing for words!

A new show this year from the creators of Glee, this follows the lives of the 118 firestation members, as well as the police, and the 911 emergency center in Los Angeles. I binged the first season during the summer, and fell in love with instantly. Also helps that Oliver Stark, who plays Buck, is a nice piece of eye candy! It's been both stressful, edge-of-seat tense, and funny, in such a way that I've not seen on TV before.
Legends Of Tomorrow
Probably one of the best CW/Arrowverse shows, this show never fails to make my day when I watch it. Quite the underdog compared to it's Arrowverse counterparts, this show is full of fun, laughter, and also some sad moments too. #RIPFirestorm!! I've been enjoying this new season a lot too, especially with the new addition of Constantine to the crew, and the magical creatures that have been showing up.

The Flash
This beats out Arrow and Supergirl, down to the laughs this show brings me. Mainly due to Cisco. Can't say I've loved the many versions of Harrison Wells we've had over the show's few seasons - actually, I'm really bored of the other world versions of him, and though I love the actor, please just write him out for good, or bring Earth 2 Harry back! Loving this new season with the addition of Barry and Iris's daughter Nora, who's come to see them from the future!
Chicago PD/Fire/Med
Couldn't pick a front runner for the #OneChicago franchise, so they all made the cut! PD is the one I get most excited about, but that's down to me having a huge crush on Kevin Atwater actor, LaRoyce Hawkins. *heart eyes*
All three have had amazing seasons this year, and the new fall seasons have been just as impressive. I'm still reeling over Olinsky's death, Gabby leaving the firehouse, and the fact that Med has lost Dr Sarah Reese to another hospital - due to the actress leaving. Can't wait to see how the rest of each season plays out.
RuPaul's Drag Race
Let's recap this one... We had All Stars 3, immediately followed by Season 10 the week after All Stars ended, and in a few days time, All Stars 4 is going to be airing! That's 7 months of Drag Race this year! I've been loving this show for ages now, but this year I feel it it at the height of recognition it deserves. And yes, I've been listening to the remix top 4 raps a lot this year.

What TV shows have you enjoyed the most this year and why? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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