Wednesday 20 January 2021

How To Take Your Driving Experience To The Next Level*

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As the new year fast gains momentum, you may want to make resolutions that will allow you to improve your life in many ways. Enhancing your experience behind the wheel is a good thing, especially if you are an avid road traveller. By mastering the following tips and tricks on car ownership and driving, you could be well on your way to living a much happier and safer life in 2021. 

  1. Improve your car's performance

Making modifications to your existing vehicle is one way to improve its performance and boost your driving comfort. For example, consider fitting performance wheels and tires on your car. These can give you a firm grip and traction on the road as you cruise around. Those who regularly drive through snowy and wet conditions may also want to look at the best winter tires. While many car conscious drivers can't do without alloy wheels, carbon fibre wheels are becoming popular as well. These are durable, light and offer a smoother ride. Also, if you think your old car cannot cater to your needs in the new year, be ready to invest in high-performance vehicles such as BMW models, at a local BMW Garage - if you’re truly after a supercar.

  1. Steer clear of your motoring back pain

Your driving experience in the new year will no longer be fun if you suffer from back pain. According to the British Chiropractic Association, more than 40% of all drivers experience motoring back pain. Two main factors account for the rising cases of drivers suffering back pain at the wheel — bad posture and extended periods of driving. Besides stress, chronic back pain is another health problem that frequently forces drivers to take time off the wheel. Therefore, maintain the right driving posture and steer clear of back pain.

  1. Switch up your car's transmission

Another extraordinary way to improve your driving experience is to shake things up in your vehicle. Tweak your car's main mechanical systems starting with the engine and transmission systems. Switching from manual to automatic transmission or vice versa, depending on your driving strengths and needs, can improve your driving experience. When you opt for an automatic transmission, that could allow you to enjoy your car's features to the fullest. Car owners on manual transmission can consider adding "short throw shifter options". The bottom line is that tweaking your car's mechanics and installing extra features can improve your car's handling and driving comfort. 

  1. Reduce your stress

There is no doubt that stress is an enemy to a fulfilling ride. And sadly, an astronomical number of drivers fall victims to road rage once a while. According to Brake, a road-safety organisation, almost three-quarters of drivers lose their focus when engaging in road rage with other road users. If you are stuck in heavy traffic, it pays to keep your cool. Engage all your senses and avoid reckless driving habits such as speeding and texting while driving. 

These are just a few secrets of boosting your driving skills in the new year.

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