Sunday 24 October 2021

Life Catch Up | October 2021

Hello everyone!

Oh where on Earth to begin?

I haven't done a life catch up for you all since June, and though not a lot has gone on, a lot has happened. As usual, I won't list it all in order of events, just bullet point them in whatever order I remember things! 

  • Our old manager left work, we got a new one and he left after about 9 shifts... So now we have a new interim manager who may become our permanent manager. So much is happening at work! We also finally got a few new staff members, so we are currently training them. We've not had newbies since July 2020!
  • Dad collapsed at work, was told he had high blood pressure. He was given tablets that had an adverse effect and ended up having to get an ambulance out for him. Thankfully it wasn't a heart attack as suspected, but he's still not well. He is on new medication now as the last ones were possibly the reason for the A&E visit! He's still not 100% better and has been signed off work for over a month now, and it doesn't look like he will be going back any time soon.
  • I ended up with a flu / chest infection! I've been off work for over a week at the time of writing this, and I have a few more days left before I'm back. I'm still not feeling good, and walking anywhere or standing for longer than about 10 minutes totally winds me. I sound like I've smoked a pack of 500 cigarettes in one hit! 
  • We booked the villa for our Florida holiday next summer!! This has been a long time coming, and I'm so glad we finally booked it. We're also looking at the possibility of a Disney Cruise while we're stateside, so watch this space!
  • I have wrapped all my Christmas presents already!
  • I did a thorough clean of my room and kitchen. We purged a lot of things from these two rooms, and it's feeling lighter again. I don't mind some clutter, but it was getting too much.
  • Got to see our friend Lauren's new home a few months ago and it is so lovely! It's also been really nice to see more of her this year, as last year I think we only saw each other twice!
  • I've done some blog posts! Can you believe it? I can't promise this will keep up for long, but just wanted to do some while inspiration hit me.
  • I'm now on season 17 of Law & Order: SVU - meaning I've done another 12 seasons since I told you about this in June!

That is honestly everything that I can remember, and I've spent two days trying to remember what I've done since June! A bit dramatic the past few weeks with my Dad's health and then my own in the past two weeks, so I'm hoping I'll be better asap, and can get back to normal! What have you all been up to recently? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :) 

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