Wednesday 27 October 2021

Let's Get Organised!*

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you might have heard about company called The Home Edit. Maybe this is via their Netflix series, or me mentioning it a dozen times a week on Instagram and my YouTube channel - or you too are hooked on them! They are organising gurus, and make homes look perfect with their organisational tips. Because of this I have become somewhat obsessed with organising my own home to try and make it look something like their work. This has meant I have been buying a LOT of storage and decorative items lately to try and achieve this. I found some really nice bits on that could be perfect for me, or maybe even yourselves! There are lots of options to choose from that can suit just about anyone.

The section I first took a look at was the home living area of the website. Here you can find storage and decorative items that you might want. A few items I have fallen for are the velvet jewellery tray, which would be perfect for the copious amounts of jewellery I own! They also have a lovely glass pen pot, that you could use for multiple things. Obviously pens, but also makeup brushes, paint brushes, and more. 

The other section which narrows down the options a bit better, is the home decorations section. Here, you can find the mini hanging planter that you can have either indoors or outdoors to store some of you succulents in - so they can get off any any prime real estate surfaces! This would look really nice in the corner of a room at any time of year.

Basically, anything that gives the impression that I have my life together! Another thing that I love for indoor storage is this black metal wall mounted storage unit. This unit is absolutely perfect, and due to it's colour it can fit into almost any room. It would probably be best in a bathroom so the water could drain out of it, and would only require you to fix it to the wall to utilise it perfectly. It would also look really good in my kitchen as a spare rack for home good such a kitchen rolls and maybe even cleaning items - anything to make a quick grab easier!

Have you caught the Home Edit organising bug yet? If you have, or you just love to be organised anyway, what sort of things do you use to keep your home in some sort of order? And any organising tips are always welcome, so please let me know with a comment below! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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