Monday 8 April 2024

A Little Life Update!

Oh hey everyone! I know I've not been the most consistent on here in the last few years, but sooo much has happened. 

The last proper blog post I did was about a month before I set up my business - I don't know where to start so this is all out of order, but will try and do my best 😂

I no longer work at Morrisons! I worked there from June 2011 until December 2022. I quit on the 2nd of December so I wouldn't have to work there for another Christmas and it was the best feeling. I started my Virtual Assistant business in July 2022 and got my first client in November. That's right, I quit my stable job with only one client under my belt. Since then, I've worked with 6 of my own clients along with around 12 others as an associate VA. Currently, I have 4 of my own clients and help with 5 as an associate, and working a lot more hours. I LOVE this career choice and I'm so happy I made that leap.

Since June 2022 (the last proper blog post!), one of my friends had a baby boy, and another friend got married. I got to be her bridesmaid and it was such a lovely day. And another friend moved into their new home with their partner - it's a lovely house!

My Dad has also been unwell a lot, especially this year. He's been so dizzy/sick since Christmas that he's not been able to go back to work yet. Watching him trying to walk in a straight line is both hilarious and concerning at once - fingers crossed he is better ASAP. My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and had an operation a few months later to remove it; it was successful! 

I've been to Florida again, along with another Center Parcs holiday. I won't be having a holiday for some time now as I need to focus on growing my business more and getting my income consistent. I digress... Florida in 2023 was really good, and I'm still in shock we got on 4 new rides at Disney, and then another new-ish one at Universal Studios. The weather was glorious and I had an amazing tan. 

I'm 80% sure a lot more has happened since my last update, but I genuinely can't remember off the top of my head! I'll try and do another update sometime soon 🙈

How have you all been this year so far? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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