Wednesday 28 October 2015

Aisle Style - 2016 Bridesmaid Dress Collection*

Despite not being engaged, nor planning on getting married for a few years yet, I already know some of the details I'd like to have on the day! I've no idea what dress I'd like either, but having come across an online store called Aisle Style, I now have a rough idea!

I have a few weddings to attend next year, so some of the bridesmaid dresses would be perfect to wear as a wedding guest as they are so elegant. You can look at the 2016 bridesmaid dresses here, and see what they have on offer! You can search by colour, style or price - which is great if you know your budget and what look you are going for.

I've had a little look on the site and have found six beautiful dresses that I would love to have for the weddings I'm going to next year!

This dress also comes in Mint, Pink, Dark Navy and Blushing Pink - along with many others!! I had to pick this Emerald one though as it's not a colour you see a lot at weddings! The dress is so elegant looking with the lace neckline!

This dress is just so lovely! I think strapless dresses are quite popular at weddings, but this mint colour is so nice, and come Spring, I think this would be really popular.

As much as I love a long dress, sometimes a shorter one is much better for last Spring and during the Summer - in which case this is perfect. I'm not sure on this pink shade, but it comes ina  ruby red shade which I think would look beautiful!

Like the above dress, this one is another short one for the same reasons! Usually I don't like high neck dresses, but this is so nice, I couldn't not share it. It also comes in a variety of colours, but this pink shade or maybe a light blue would look so pretty with the lace panel at the top.

Ahh, a black dress! You cannot go wrong in a black dress, as it's so classic and stylish. This is a simple long line dress with spaghetti straps, which is perfect for summer! This would be great as a guest dress too - especially if it's a black tie dress code!

Finally, a bridesmaid classic! I have seen this style of dress at so many weddings that it needed to be included. It's got a nice fitted waist line, plus the neckline ruffles give the dress an overall look that is just so nice! There are other colours available, but this grape shade is too nice not to pick!

The prices are so good on this site too, so you know the dress is going to be good! Which of the above dresses do you like, or are there any on the site that you'd like yourself? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. I love the first dress! Had a look on the website, and it's a good price for a lovely dress! I love how many different colours there are to choose from too! xx

    1. OMG. Just had a look at the Wedding Dresses too.... ♥! Gorgeous! x

    2. The first dress is my fave of all of them - the lace is just so darn pretty!! I've not looked at the wedding dresses yet - mainly in fear of finding ones I love :p xx

  2. I love several of those bridesmaid dresses!! I love to plan for my future wedding ever since I was a little girl!! :)


    1. I've never really thought about my wedding, but I've always had an idea for the bridesmaid dresses - and this has helped! xx

  3. These are lovely! The 2nd and 4th are my faves! x

    P.S - Love the new blog look!

    Christina Marie -


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