Monday 8 May 2017

A-Z Of Fave Movies!

A while ago I done an A-Z post about me, and thought it would be fun to challenge myself to do something similar, but with all the films I liked instead. It took a while to think of movies for each letter, but managed to come up with a pretty list, full of different kinds of movies!

The Avengers
Beverly Hills Cop
Captain America
Easy A
Forrest Gump
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Harry Potter
Iron Man
Jurassic World
King Kong
The Losers
Mamma Mia
Now You See Me
Ocean's Eleven
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Queen
Star Wars
The Usual Suspects
Valentine's Day
White Chicks

Y - literally couldn't find a film that I liked for this one!

So other than Y, I found a film I liked for each letter! Very limited selection of movies beginning with that letter! Like any of these movies yourself, and what would your answer be for each letter? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Loving this post! Might have to steal it (with a credit of course haha) :D
    xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

    1. Yes do pinch it and do it!! I'd love to see what your answers are! xx

  2. Love this post! So many amazing films here :D


  3. Love this post! Such a creative idea, might have to give it ago. (I'll credit you, of course!) :)
    Katie x

    1. Sorry for late reply, been on holiday!

      Please steal the idea and do it, as I'd love to see what your answers are! And if you get an answer for Y, because that stumped me for AGES. xx


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