Friday 8 December 2017

Orlando Holiday Diary: Day 4 - Magic Kingdom!

Ahh the day we were waiting for! As we were on a 17 day holiday, but the Disney tickets are only 14 days, we had to pick any Disney parks a few days into the holiday.

We actually all slept okay the night before, so we were up and ready for Magic Kingdom pretty early! We elected to take the Ferryboat, instead of the Monorail, and it was a good choice as there was only the three of us, and about five others on the boat that morning. Granted the Monorail leaves and arrives a little quicker than the boat, but the journey times are the same length - plus this was we got to see the castle from a distance and get some good pictures of it.

We picked up a 'First Time' badge for my Dad and Sister, and I picked up a 'Happy Birthday' badge, as it was BIRTHDAY WEEK! We managed to get on a lot of rides within the first hour of park opening. We ate at the Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland, and then headed to the other parts of the park, before catching some of the Festival of Fantasy parade in Adventureland!

You can check out the pictures of the day below, or scroll to the end to watch the vlog!

Hope you enjoyed this little look at the fourth day of my awesome holiday! Can't wait to share with you the rest of the trip. If you've been to Florida, or want to go, what's something you'd like to do there? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. Loving the pictures Tania. The castle never fails to look magical and dreamy! :) And we love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! We hope you had an amazing birthday week! Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. Thank you girls! That castle always makes me feel like a kid again - it's sooo magical! I had a great birthday week (until Hurricane Irma came anyway!) xx


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