Friday 20 April 2018

Put Canada On Your Wish List*

Canada's shine is take away by the power of America. Not to say that it isn’t one of the best places to visit in the world, it’s just that people often forget that Canada can be one of the best holidays you’ll ever have if you actually go there. America is so commercialised and overpriced, whereas Canada has remained true to its own, and it’s actually a fairly cheap holiday once you get the flights out the way with. It’s the perfect destination for solo travellers, couples, and families alike. Here is just a few reasons why.

Travelling For Cheap

Unlike America, Canada is actually pretty cheap. There’s so much that you can do without actually having to spend much. First of all, you’ve got the flights. Compared to the flights to America, you’re probably going to be able to save at least a hundred. Plus, the flight really isn’t that bad if you don’t mind long haul flights! Then you’ve got the price of staying there. If you do your shopping around and check out places such as Delta Hotels Halifax, you could be staying for so cheap! Don’t get us wrong there are the places that will charge you an absolute fortune, just like there are in most countries. But for the most part you’ll be staying in some really idyllic places, hardly spending any money on the hotels you’re staying in, and you’ll have an amazing time. You can eat for cheap there too! Whilst it might not be part of America, they sure do make their portions massive, just like you would find in America. There’s the perfect mixture of the big chain restaurants and smaller owned establishments serving home cooked food. We recommend you try out a bit of both!


There’s plenty to explore when it comes to Canada. You’ve got the places out in the sticks where you can truly get back to nature. Or you’ve got the places in the big cities that’s just full of things to do. One that has got to be on your hit list is the Banff national park. A place that is full of natural beauty, and one that attracts millions of people each year. It’s famous for its crystal blue lake, shadowed by the mountains showing their reflection in the water. There’s also the CN tower with the amazing restaurant at the top. If you aren’t afraid of heights, then this is definitely the one for you.

Stop Gap Destination

The beautiful thing about Canada is it can be a stop gap destination when you’re on your travels through America. A lot of people like to do the whole state hopping thing, and that’s great! It is pretty hard to get in and out of Canada, you do have to make sure you’re following all the rules and regulations, especially with the things that you’re putting in your suitcase. Don’t think you’ll get away with it. They will find you, and you can potentially get in a lot of trouble for breaking the law!

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  1. I would love to travel around more of Canada. I went to Vancouver not to long ago and I loved it!

    1. My Mum has been and said it was lovely, and I'd love to go and see all the beautiful places! xx

  2. I went to Toronto last year to celebrate my husbands 30th and we loved it so much that we want to emigrate there.

    There is so much to do there too that when I blogged about, I had to split it up into 3 posts!


    1. I really want to go - my Mum went last year and adored it! xx


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