Tuesday 26 May 2020

Bored With The Internet? Find The Right Sites!*

The online world seems endless, doesn’t it? There’s so many things to do, so many websites to look up, so many tweets and statuses to like and comment on, etc. All in all, the internet has revolutionised the way we live, and for many people, there would be no entertainment in their lives without it. 

However, the internet can get boring, and it can seem like you see the same stuff day in and day out. What do you? Well, if you’re getting bored with what you’re doing online, and you fancy making a change and finding your passion for the online world again, make sure you keep the suggestions below in mind. 

Put Something Else on Your Blog

If you’ve got a blog, it might be time to start a new series! It might be time to get your writing prowess out and show the world just how entertaining and/or informative your words can be. Even just the challenge of finding the right way to word things, and making sure you’ve backed yourself up and done your research, can take you the entirety of an afternoon at least! 

And if you don’t have a blog, now might be a good time to start one! You could even base it around boredom and how to combat it - wouldn’t that be a great niche to work yourself into? 

Play Something

Gaming is something we very much think of in modern terms; video games have come along to change the way we interact with media, and you can even make money off of a gaming career! If you’re not much of a gamer, the internet can be a great way to acclimate yourself to the scene. 

Because the internet has a lot of gaming platforms for you to make use of - even just flash games (despite how they may be disappearing soon…) can fill a good couple of hours. You could even try out something like Wolf Moon Rising for a bit more risk in your gaming moments; there’s nothing like a big win when actual money is involved. 

Find a Good Video Series

And finally, why not make good use of all those streaming platforms? There’s Youtube, with its endless amount of videos, and there’s platforms like Twitch if you fancy watching someone in real time. We all love turning on the TV and tuning into a show we love, and you can get a similar feeling out of using online platforms too. Because all sorts of videos and streams are out there, and getting involved in a few could net you a few new interests, or even some new friends down in the comments section! 

Finding the right sites to combat boredom can seem like an impossible feat; after all, who knows if they’ll even help! But the online world is great for ensuring your boredom never lasts long, and there’s plenty to do, as long as you search for something new and get involved. 

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