Thursday 10 October 2013

I'm A Shoe Slut

I am that girl who loves shoes so much, that she keeps buying them and never throws any out.

Well today I finally hit a point where I have too many shoe boxes, and some shoes that have been shoved into a closet until a time for them was needed. So guess what I did? I had the bright idea of putting all my shoes out on my bedroom floor and going through them. After this I done a quick count and the total was... brace for this... 44 pairs of shoes.

How have I collected so many??

I honestly felt a little ridiculous for owning so many pairs. The next step was to get rid of the ones I no longer used, wanted or liked any more. That was the hardest part. A few I knew immediately that they could go. But before I did this, I scanned the pile and counted how many shoes I have purchased since last summer, so 18 months ago. 17 pairs!! That is almost a pair for each month!!

I'd like to point out that I have actually worn all but three pairs of the shoes in that picture over there, which is pretty good for me at least. So I began the arduous task of cleaning out the shoe collection. I did get rid of some, but not a many as I had hoped. Five pairs are new-new and a couple are for general use and work. The rest are for nights out and for a little glam.

Eight pairs. That was all I could bring myself to get rid off. My sister took a few from me and the rest are going to charity like I do with all my unwanted clothes, shoes and bags. I have left myself with 36 pairs of shoes. *headdesk* I have a problem don't I?

However I have come up with a plan. Between now and New Year's day, I will see which of these I wear and which I don't, and then see if I can get rid of them again. I have a feeling a few will go anyway, but we shall see!! So below are the shoes I have kept!

Like any of them? Let me know!!
Keep safe everyone and have a wonderful week!
Tania xx

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  1. wow amazing collection! love it!!


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